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5 Emotional Stages of Finishing a Game

The highs and lows of finishing a game you really freaking loved.
November 11, 2016
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You are the best player ever. You kicked that final boss’ butt so hard, they should create a trophy after it. Yeah, “Tim, Kicker of Boss Butts” would do nicely. Very nicely, indeed.

But if you’ve ever finished a game you were absolutely obsessed with, you’ve been through this emotional roller coaster once or twice before:

You’re still reveling in your magnificence, but before long it dawns on you: that game you loved so much is officially done-zo. Finished. Just like the final boss’ plans to rule the world. No more late-night playing binges for you. Is it weird that your fingers are twitching from playing the game so much?

Wait a minute! It’s all a ruse—that wasn’t the real final boss. He was waaaay too easy! Why don’t you fire up the game again, take care of the actual end boss, and see the true ending? And while you’re at it, wasn’t there a door in that swamp level you couldn’t open? You’d bet your dog’s tail that you’ve explored only half the game world.

What do you mean that’s it!? P2,500 and all you get is 15 measly hours of playtime? What a crap title. You should have gone and bought that nice pair of jeans you’ve been eyeing. But no, you had to get this lousy excuse for a video game. Great job, Tim.

Once the seething rage subsides, all you’re left with is a feeling of emptiness. Nothing you play is quite as good as that game. You’ve even tried replaying it, but there’s just no recapturing the glory of experiencing a game for the first time. You seriously contemplate abandoning gaming forever.

But all lousy feelings have a shelf life, thank goodness. Before long, you start feeling that itch to play again, to try something new. So you pick up a game and—lo and behold—you really like it! And in that moment it becomes clear: you’re still young and there’s a lifetime’s worth of games for you to beat. Looks who’s back on the gaming saddle, world!

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