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7 Clear Signs You're an Old Soul

For those gents who just prefer things made better with age.
October 25, 2016
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Ever felt like you were born in the wrong time period? Or like you’re always out of sync with everyone your age? Maybe you even got called boring or weird growing up, just cause you were more mature than the other kids and got on way better with adults? You've probably been called “old-fashioned” because of the way you act and the things you like, too.

Well, buddy, if that’s the case, then you might just be someone who’s simply older than their years. And hey, that’s not a bad thing—actually, take it as a compliment! Old souls are pretty cool fellas, too. Check out this list to know for sure if you are one:

You believe in romance. 
Things like online dating sites, matchmaking apps, and one night stands have never appealed to you. You’re more a dinner-and-a-movie, flowers and harana sort of guy.

You don't get caught up with fashion fads.
Your closet is full of classic pieces—clothes that are timelessly awesome. People might accuse you of going full hipster, but you know the secret to always looking your best.

You have already reached peak chill-mode.
While your peers stress over trivial things, like how good their hair looked or what best pick-up line to use on that chick at the bar, you know not to sweat the small stuff. You've got bigger things to contemplate, like love, life, and the future.

You're the "dad friend" in your group.
In your barkada, you’re definitely the go-to-guy for advice. After all, you’ve got wisdom to spare, and you don’t mind doling it out. You’re also the responsible one, and always take care of your buddies when they drink a little too much.

You never got into the wild party scene.
Sure, you’re no homebody and like going out for a drink and a good time like everyone else. But getting piss-drunk at some rave or dance club? Nah, man.

You believe in only doing real dancing.
Twerking? Grinding? Is that what they call dancing nowadays? No thanks, you’re not into exhibitionism. 

You’ve got old school tastes.
Nothing beats the oldies but goldies. You’re a big fan of the classics, from the books you read, the movies you watch, and the music you listen to. In fact, you like nothing more than singing along to a playlist full of timeless tunes.

Is your neck creaking now ‘cause you couldn’t help but nod along the entire way? If so, we think it’s definitely time to admit you’re a true blue old soul. And we definitely encourage you to own it, especially in this age of split-second trends and overnight fads. Trust us, you’ll stand out in only the best way possible.

And if you’re in the mood to celebrate this little revelation and newfound insight, then why don’t you hook yourself to Spotify, where you’ll have your pick of songs and playlists from every decade? ‘Cause that sounds likes a damn good time for an old soul such as yourself, don’t you think?