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2007 Mitsubishi Outlander

Another sucessful surgery
| Jul 18, 2007
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Rhinoplasty did wonders for the 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander. In the old version, the iconic three-diamond badge sits on what appears to be a snubbed rendering of a nose. What it did was to compromise much of the flattery sharp lines gained by the SUV's body by stealing undue attention. The Outlander look wicked, all right, but it didin't seem able to breathe well with that awkward stip of metal outfront.

The new nose on the new Outlander is much sharper, fresher, and in better character. Because it fits spot-on with the rest of the body, and doesn't call to much attention to itself, you are allowed to see the Outlander for what it really is, by far the sleekiest mid-sized SUV in the Japanese stable out there.

You'd have to be a real auto dunce not to be impressed by the new Outlander's looks. We got our hands on the sport version and it had enough Jap-flair to be fashion-forward-racy dimpled rear lights, that signature Mitsubishi glare in the design of the headlights. Though it sits on stock 18-inch alloys, it had ample restraint befitting a Euro car. - Allan P. Hernandez

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