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2010 Honda Insight LX

<p>A hyrbid car with a really magnificent exterior, <em>suave</em>!</p>
| Mar 18, 2010
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The 2010 Honda Insight LX is not merely an upgrade. It's a nice cool change from its first incarnation. Since the earlier version ceased production in 2006, the makers have decided that it’s time to make this vehicle more metro and urbane this time around.

First up: the exterior. The 2010 Honda Insight LX may seem to fool you with design details that looks expensive, thanks to its billion-dollar appearance. But if you look at it in another way, these details are actually a big plus for an affordable ride.

Interior-wise, it doesn't have the cutting-edge technology features we would all usually go for. Its rear headroom is a little tight and though the cargo space boasts of 16 cubic feet of storage, it seems a bit shallow.

But carry on with the driving and these few notices quickly disappear. If you're seeking a true blue comfort car without complications, you really don't have to look elsewhere.

It is the driving dynamics where Honda Insight has improved. The vehicle boasts decent handling and manueverability, which is a basic necessity in a comfort car.

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The vehicle has a responsive powertrain and has a great real-world fuel economy. It is a smart, high mileage hybrid that would save you a lot of trouble and a lot of cash.

The only criticism the 2010 Honda Insight has gotten so far is its shallow stalibility control. The VSA is not offered on a base Honda LX model, so a few adjustments have to be made.

It also lacks the cruise control and electronic stability control that most standard hybrids contain nowadays. If anything else, this ride's definitely miles away from being your dream car.

But all in all, with an affordable price, a comfortable driving experience, and enough speed, the 2010 Honda Insight LX will undoubtedly sell like it’s a necessity, and you can quote us on that.


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