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2011 Honda Accord

If life were a highway, we'd like to be cruising on an Accord
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 30, 2011
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With hardly any doubt, the Honda Accord has always scored a 10 in the criteria of Head Turning abilities. [firstpara] And it does so, not in the way that some cars do: fancy paint jobs, moon-sized rims, you get the drift.

The Honda Accord makes your head turn with class and refinement. It’s a premium sedan that’s simply beautiful, and one that commands attention and respect with ease. The new 2011 Honda Accord is focused on continuing that tradition.

The beauty of this car is that it’s both classy and elegant and never boring. The car’s design speak of sophistication—a quality that is enhanced further by the new front grille and bumper designs, and new chrome garnishing on the trunk.

It retains its aggressive character. The bold lines running on the sides and hood accentuate its forceful-looking stance. The 2011 2.4-liter variant also boasts new 17-inch alloy wheel design, lending the car an even stronger presence on the road.

Inside the car, you’ll be just as impressed. The interior looks and feels what luxury cars are supposed to look and feel. The spacious cabin (the biggest in its class), the plush leather seats, and the sophisticated styling give you that feeling that you’re indeed riding first-class. The 3.5-liter variant goes the extra mile too, as it comes equipped with hands-free telephone Bluetooth connectivity.

Remember when we said that the car is not boring? Head-turning exterior aside, the car promises a thrilling ride. The 3.5-liter variant delivers a maximum power of 275 horsepower at 6200 RPM, and comes with Variable Cylinder Management technology which activates and deactivates a certain number of engine cylinders depending on the way you’re driving.

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The technology is designed to maximize fuel mileage, and lessen emissions, especially on those occasions that you’re just lazily driving in the city. The 2.4-liter variant, on the other hand, delivers 180 horsepower at 6500 RPM, still enough power to give you a livid driving experience.  

Powerful, elegant, and bold, the 2011 Honda Accord is all that and much more. The 2.4-liter AT variant goes for 1,700,000 pesos while the 3.5 liter V6 AT variant is priced at 2, 050,000 pesos.

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