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All-New 2014 Honda Jazz: 6 Vroom-Tastic Features (And The Crazy Things We'd Do With It)

Gearheads, the all-new Honda Jazz is upon us! Here are six of its best features!
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 25, 2014
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So last night, many Pinoy gearheads were like:

honda jazz 2014 philippines
The reason? Honda officially launched the all-new Jazz here in the Philippines! The excitement is understandable: the Jazz is a popular subcompact car with a really nice reputation, and it looks like Honda really went all out to make the latest model a good, nay, great buy.

(Video via TopGear Philippines)

Now check out below five of the sweetest vroom-tastic features of the third-generation Honda Jazz! These will show you exactly why it's dubbed, "The One"!


honda jazz 2014 philippines
The Jazz is a subcompact car which means it's a small ride. But at least with the latest model, Honda managed to make it a wee bit bigger. It now measures 3,955mm long (55mm longer than the previous generation), which results to an overall larger cabin space.

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We wonder though if that's enough for someone like Shaq and his 300-pound-plus frame.

honda jazz 2014 philippines
What we'd do with it:
Fit as many babes as we can. Or as many sacks of junk food if the fairer sex are too paranoid because of our creepy "Miss, sakay na" offer.


honda jazz 2014 philippines

The seats have been improved, too, and by that we mean they can fold and flip their way to four seating modes for optimum comfort depending on the situation:

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  • Utility mode: The back seats are folded back to give way to bigger cargo

  • Long mode: Half of the back seats are folded up so the car will have room for three while having enough space for extra-long things

  • Tall mode: The back seats fold up like a book to give way to tall cargo

  • Refresh mode: The front seats recline back and connect with the back seats, forming a comfy tambayan spot in the car. Just don't do this while actually driving. The comfort ain't worth the risk

What we'd do with it: Do the nasty, duh. Have an in-car party complete with booze, grub, and loud, bumabayo music. Speaking of which...


honda jazz 2014 philippines

Exhibit A: The so-called 3-Eye Instrument Cluster that increases the visibility of important dashboard info.

Exhibit B: A 7-inch touchscreen audio panel which also includes Bluetooth connectivity for audio devices and hands-free phone operation.

Exhibit C: A 3.5mm port, USB slot, and HDMI connectivity so you can project smartphone visuals to the 7-inch touchscreen.

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