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2017 Is About To Get A Little Weirder With These Crazy Calendars

People and animals continue to outdo each other
by John Paulo Aguilera | Dec 19, 2016
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We're days away from the New Year and some have started preparing for another 365 days.

While almost everyone have begun loading up on sugar just to get hold of that precious Starbucks planner, a few of us are content with a decent calendar.

And with all those dates to remember, a datebook should be at least eye-catching to fully serve its purpose.

The following examples below, though, seemed to have taken the "It has to be striking" part a little too seriously.

This year's reunion would never be the same

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Nothing screams more cringeworthy than ill-timed snaps of familial scenarios. Mike Bender and Doug Chernack of curate the most unphotogenic moments among kin members for their annual collection. (Don't) say cheese!

A date out of water

Inspired by a past fishing trip where he got a good eyeful (actual women, just to be clear), the Carponizer calendar by German carp gear retailer Hendrik Pöhler combines two of men's greatest passions. Simply glorious. (Are those things still breathing?!)


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Seeking greener pastures

Majority of the entries in this list are animals for obvious reasons. Any creature behaving outside its bestial nature is a comedy goldmine. In the bovine's case, as livestock that is also the laughingstock. You will never look at cows the same way again after buying this.

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How's the weather up there?

Kicking absurd wild behavior up a notch is greatest of all time when it comes to animal-themed calendars, the goat. No elaborate poses and accompanying eye candy, just the majesty of high altitude grazing is enough to keep your eyes glued and plan your days ahead.

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Divinely hilarious

Does this even need an explanation? (Bad news: this piece of holy humor is already sold out.)


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