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8 New Year’s Resolutions City Bus Drivers Should Make

Stop jumping off bridges. Check.
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 5, 2012
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See that multi-ton contraption of steel and wheels careening down the highway? It’s your ticket home, only if it doesn’t flatten you first. It's no secret that buses and the people manning them have a nasty reputation. Ask anyone who shares the road with them, and a hundred bucks say that it’s not going to be an outpour of warm, cuddly praises. There might be a few exceptions, but the general feeling towards them is that they could behave better.

                                              No, driving in flames is not "behaving better."

The room for becoming more amiable road users is as spacious as EDSA in the wee hours of the morning.
And is there any time more apt than the start of a year to make promises to behave better? Resolutions are in season, so now we put ourselves in the shoes of a bus driver, and make our list of things we’ll stop or start doing to make the roads seem less like a bear started fighting a wolf, a shark, and a lion in a pit.
1) I will stop making a racetrack out of public roads

I am not driving a race car as much as my passengers aren’t supposed to look like bouncing balls in a lottery. I am not in a videogame and there is no clock running down that shall signal death when it reaches zero. I realize that the bus is not only fast, it is also huge; and the combination of those two things in a crash could prove catastrophic.  

2) I will ensure that my passenger has properly boarded or alighted before zooming off again

Although it is generally amusing to see a passenger give chase to jump and board, I understand that not all would-be chasers are athletic as Lebron James. The same goes for those who are getting off. To save them from the embarrassment and the potential injury one might incur from jumping off a moving vehicle, I shall allow them enough time to waddle their way out properly.

3) I will follow road markings and lanes

I will think of the road as a basketball court where touching the road lines would be akin to stepping out-of-bounds. I will treat lanes with respect and will not tread on lane markings as if I were connecting the dots. The lanes are there to assist with traffic flow and not otherwise.

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