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All The Things Bros Want 2014: For The Grease Monkey

Petrol-heads, gearheads, grease monkeys—call them what you want, but one thing's for sure: If you're going to give them a mug, make sure it has the photo of a shiny, red sports car.
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 14, 2014
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Christmas is right around the corner, and thankfully, you've learned your lessons from holidays past and started Christmas shopping early. Or not. If you're like us, you're probably still just counting those freshly withdrawn bills from your 13th month bonus.

Well, we've got news for you buddy: that ain't going to make you happy. Our advice: spend it. Get yourself something really nice, get your girlfriend that bag she's always wanted, and get your parents something other than a Christmas card.

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To help you sort things out, here we have our annual gift guides dubbed "All The Things Bros Want 2014," We've hunted down all the things we'd pony up for without hesitation, organized according to the type of guy you are. So whether you're a PlayStation addict, a hardcore fan of retro Jordans, or the type of guy that checks Lookbook on a daily basis, we've got something for you. #GetClickingAndGetGifting

Some guys love sneakers, some guys obsess over videogames, but guys with a need for speed know that only one thing could make them happy: C-A-R-S-!

Petrol-heads, gearheads, grease monkeyscall them what you want, but one thing's for sure: If you're going to give them a mug, make sure it has the photo of a shiny, red sports car. Otherwise, get them the gifts below instead!

1)   Professional detailing

Nope, not just an ordinary carwash, but a really obsessive cleaning from bumper to bumper. Kind of like giving your girl the full salon treatment, but for your car. It's a great way to help your car regain that fresh-from-the-casa feel for the New Year.

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Bonus if the detailers look as hot as them: 

Image via 

Price: Around P3,000 

Get it: Visit your neighborhood car detailing shop

2)   Speedlab performance package

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Car a little bit too slow for your taste? No money for a Lamborghini? Why not try Speedlab's power package that optimizes your car for a boost in horsepower? Finally, you can have your revenge on that douche that always cuts you off on your way to work.

Price: Varies per car model, but expect to cough up 20 to 50 grand for a comprehensive package

Get it: Check out their catalogue here

3)   Dash Cam

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There are many jerks on the road. How do you get back at them? By recording their jerky behavior and capturing it on your dash cam. Capture something really interesting, and you could become a YouTube star!

Price: P5,000 to P12,000

Get it: Dash Cam Manila

4)   Alcosense digital breathalyzer

The Philippines has a law against driving under the influence of alcohol.  But what if an authority figure takes advantage of you with a manipulated alcohol breathalyzer? Protect yourself by getting your own. Also awesome as a party toy to measure your friends' drunkenness with!  

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Price:  $40 to $100 (P2,000 to P5,000)

Get it: The Alcosense website  

5)   iODB2 Engine Data Reader

For those who are obsessed over every detail of their car's performance, here's a tool that you can attach to your engine. The gadget connects to your car's computer, and can relay engine and car data to your smartphone via an app. Some specs include vehicle speed, fuel consumption, engine RPM, air intake temperature, and acceleration. Great for hardcore grease monkeys! 

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Price: $149 or P7,500

Get it:

6)   In-car phone mount

Don't let your shiny, expensive smartphone clank around the compartment or worse, get crushed in the seat. In today's world, every car needs an in-car phone mount, for easy and convenient access, all the time, every time.

Price: P300

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Get it: Lazada

7)   Sparco vintage racing boots

What if you're a hybrid sneakerhead/grease monkey? Boy do we have the gift for you. These über-manly Sparco boots make you feel like you're tearing up the road, even if in reality, you're stuck in EDSA. Hey, at least you feel cool!  

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Price: 190 Euros or P10,500

Get it:

8)   The Crew

Okay, now what if you're a gamer/grease monkey? While no new Gran Turismos came out this year, we do have Ubisoft's The Crew, where you tear up imaginary America with your blazing-fast imaginary car. A great distraction during the times when NBA 2K15 gets tiring!  

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Price: 2,195 for the PS4 version

Get it: Datablitz

9)   JunoJumpr portable battery jumpstarter

Now you won't have to rely on the kindness of others every time you accidentally leave your headlamps on. This nifty little device can jumpstart your vehicle just like you've performed a "series" on it with another car. #LifeSaver  

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Price: $100 or P5,00

Get it:

10)   Shoei RF-1200 Helmet

Have you ever wanted to be Masked Rider Black? No? Well, this helmet is awesome anyway. This isn't technically something for the car guy, but hey, motorcycle riders need some love too. This top-of-the-line model just might be what he wants as it's lightweight, has an emergency release system to deflate the inflatable cheek pads, and is designed to be aerodynamic.

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Plus, black-on-black color schemes still hold a lot of sway with us.

While it's as expensive as some entry-level motorcycles, it's a perfect gift for those who are really into those big-ass crotch rockets. Just be careful out there, bud!

Price: $600 or P30,000

Get it: Shoei

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