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10 Items That Should Be Banned From A Driver's Line Of Sight

Throw these out of the car window
by John Paulo Aguilera | May 18, 2017
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Vehicle owners have mixed feelings about the newly enforced Republic Act 10913, known as the Anti-Distracted Driving law.

Even with the Department of Transportation providing a detailed summary, motorists are still confused about some parts of the ruling, like the scope of "line of sight," and how Grab/Uber cabbies will be affected.

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Officials told that line of sight is basically the "entire windshield and on top of your dashboard, except for the area behind the rear-view mirror," which means that dashcams are the least of their concerns.

If there's anything that should be cleared from the said area, it has to be the...

10) Unnecessary lights

Kicking off the list is something that is fairly common in FX taxis, which is used to illuminate route signboards and draw passengers. The beams hitting the arched glass could sometimes throw off inexperienced drivers.

9) Unnecessary trimmings

Our very own jeepneys are guilty of hoarding useless ornaments, with the iconic knitted banners being the most noticeable. No sense hanging colorful streamers with the words "God bless our trip" if you aren't headed to a fiesta.

8) CDs

Another favorite of manong drayber, these worn-out discs used as flimsy decorations glued to the front window. This is unforgivable, even if we're talking about original Eraserheads albums.


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7) IDs

Identification is vital, especially with public chauffeurs, but that oversized card bearing your pretty face is better off hanging behind the driver's seat.

6) Stickers

The windshield is not like a guitar or laptop that you can just cover with stickers. Satisfy the need for self-expression by sticking those quirky designs elsewhere.

5) Rosary

As much as we don't want to appear sacrilegious, dangling a string of beads on your rear-view mirror for spiritual purposes might do more bad than good. If only you could tell Jesus to take the wheel.

4) Air freshener

Does anyone still use those pine tree-shaped scent-givers? 

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3) Electric fan

Having one in the middle of a heat wave is considered a luxury by jeepney drivers. Just situate the unit accordingly, unless somebody invents a variation of the ceiling model that can be placed over the operator's head.

2) Toys

Whether it's a miniature Ferrari from a gas station or an irresistible stuffed animal, playthings have no place in your dashboard. But when it comes to inane car knick-knacks, one item deserves its own entry...

1) Dog bobbleheads

Need we say more?


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