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Don't Risk It: 5 Important Things You Need To Know About The Anti-Drunk Driving Law

In case the sight of mangled metal and bloody remains doesn't stop you from speeding under the influence...
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 25, 2015
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In case the sight of mangled metal and bloody remains doesn't stop you from speeding under the influence, maybe this will: The LTO and MMDA are now strictly implementing the Anti-Drunk Driving Law.

The law, formally known as Republic Act 10586 or the Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2013, was actually first implemented in June 2014albeit implementation was a bit lax.

That has changed now as the LTO has announced that the 150 units of breathalyzers (gadgets that detect the presence of alcohol in someone's breath) the agency purchased last year will finally be used starting this month to test drivers suspected of drunk driving.

You've been warned, drunkards! In case you're looking for loopholes you want more important deets about the Anti-Drunk Driving Law, we listed down other valuable information about this (hopefully effective) drunk-driving deterrent.


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A traffic enforcer should have probable cause before he or she can stop you and determine if you're DUI. This includes the following no-no's: swerving, over-speeding, erratic driving, damage to propertybasically any act that shows reckless or prohibited road behavior. Also, if your ride has booze in it or worse, you're caught holding or downing a bottle, you'll be asked to stop and get out of the car.


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When the apprehending officer suspects that you're driving drunk, you'll be asked to do a field sobriety test, which is composed of the following:

Eye Test: The officer will ask you to follow a small object (e.g. a finger, a pen) positioned about a foot away from your face horizontally with your gaze. He or she will check if you're having difficulty or a lot of involuntary jerkiness in your eyes which are possible signs that you're driving under the influence.

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Walk-and-Turn Test: Here you'll walk nine steps forward in a straight line with your heel touching your toe. Then, you'll be asked to turn around and walk back to where you started.

One-leg Stand: You must raise a leg about half a foot from the ground and stand on the other leg for a minute.

If you passed, you'll only be sanctioned for the traffic offense that got you flagged down in the first place. However, if you fail even just one of the tests, you'll be asked to blow into the breathalyzer to determine your blood-alcohol level, which brings us to...


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The breathalyzer is a portable device that measures your blood-alcohol content based on your breath. For non-professional drivers, the limit is 0.05-percent while the law doesn't allow for any traces of alcohol (0.0-percent) for those who operate PUVs (buses, jeepneys, taxis) and motorcyclists.

The breathalyzer prints out the result in three copies (for you, the officer, and the LTO). If you go beyond the limit, you'll then be penalized under R.A. 10586. As for the penalties...


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For first-time non-professional violators, the penalty is between P20,000 and P80,000. What's worse is the added three-month jail time, vehicle impounding, and the one-year suspension of their license. For professional drivers caught for the first time, the penalties and imprisonment duration will be the same, but their license will be permanently revoked. Repeat non-pro offenders will suffer the permanent revocation of their driver's license as well.

If the violation resulted to injury or (gasp!) death of another person, the violator will be fined at least P100,000 and punished under the Revised Penal Code.

However, if the apprehending officer believes that you're under the influence of drugs, you'll instead be brought to the nearest police station and subjected to a blood screening.

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The answer is....we don't know. The fact is, it varies from person to person and depends on a number of biological factors such as weight, gender, age, and metabolism. So, if your friend is still under the 0.05-percent limit after chugging down two beer bottles, don't take it as a sign that you can drink a couple as well.

The safest way out of a violation is to NOT TO DRINK AT ALL. It doesn't sound fun...but have you seen the penalties? Safety first, fellas!

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