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#GALA: A Quick Guide To Getting Your Ride Road Trip-Ready

Driving all the way to Sorsogon? Get your car ready first
by Enrico Miguel T. Subido | May 16, 2013
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Dilapidated old rides.

They’re a sad sight. Shame on all who don’t take care of their aged cars. Instead of treating them right and giving them some well-deserved TLC like the long-time girlfriend who never lets you down, many people get bored with their old whips and start checking out newer, fresher models.

It’s just not right.

In this fast-paced, consumer-centric society where new cars are deemed disposable, it’s the old cars that take the biggest hit. A little kalampag here merits a “delikado na ‘yan” response. Breaking down for, supposedly, no apparent reason? “Palitan na ng bago.” That’s just the way people think nowadays.

But just because a car is old doesn’t mean it’s unreliable. A car becomes unreliable because its owner doesn’t take care of it. Yeah, one could blame poor build quality or low-standard components. But that still doesn’t make it the car’s fault. It’s the owner’s fault for not listening to the car. Or for not being a smart and responsible car-owner who, before purchasing a car, does the necessary research about a car manufacturer’s background, its reputation, the quality of its products, its recent output; and for second hand cars, finding out the car’s driving history, mileage, if the previous owner was a clutch-driving douche on the road that drove the car like crap…

Anyway. That kalampag? Clearly, that’s the car saying “I need new/better shocks or bushings.” Breaking down or coming to a grinding halt? The car says: “I can’t believe you forgot to gas me up.” Or “I’m overheating; you forgot to overhaul my radiator.”  Or “my pipes are dirty, you need to clean them out.” Or “You haven’t given me an oil change in eons, and now my engine is worn to shit. Why don’t you love me?”

In any relationship there has to be solid communication. A car is constantly communicating with you. When it’s taken care of, when you listen to it, it purrs; it doesn’t clunk around, it’s a joy to drive. You have to be a good listener to make this relationship work. After all, you trust that hunk of metal to carry you from Point A to Point B. You’d like to be safe while inside it, right?

These coming weeks might be the last time you can take that road trip out of town before summer ends. If you don’t already know, road trips are great exercise for your car, old or new. She gets to blow out all the carbon deposits out the rear and can let her engine breathe a little out on the open road. Consequently, road trips are the perfect way to give your old car that TLC that she desperately needs. Preparing her for the trip will not only make her run smoother, but your relationship with her will be better, too. Out on the open road, she might just turn out to be the one.

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