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WATCH: Guy Drives His 400-Horsepower, 1.7-Ton Aston Martin On A Frozen Lake

It's not as juvenile an act as one would immediately think
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 28, 2016
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Truth-bomb ahead: Driving on a frozen lake isn't an illegal act that a 17-year-old might do to impress his peers. It's actually perfectly legal.

That's what Doug DeMuri, a writer at car blog, recently found out when he drove to Vermont—a U.S. state bordering New York on the west—on assignment. His assignment, as he reported, wasn't exactly to drive on the frozen lake. He was there to test out advanced winter tires on an actual road.

Then some guy named Bill, over dinner, suggested, “You ought to take the Aston out on a frozen lake.” Like many of us, he instinctively knew that placing heavy objects (i.e. a $100,000 Aston Martin) on a surface not exactly known for adamantium-like toughness sounded insane. He was adamant on NOT doing it.

The next morning, he and his Aston Martin V8 Vantage, a 400-horsepower, 1.7-ton British beauty, were at the lake, about to try it. At this point, Bill had also explained that frozen lakes are considered a public highway in Vermont, and driving on one is in no way illegal.

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