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Cleavage Or Car: FHM Hangs Out At The Bangkok International Motor Show 2014

There were lots of pretty cars at the Bangkok International Motor Show, as well as pretty ladies. This brings us to a tough predicament: choosing between the ride or the lass. Which would you pick?
by Patrick Tadeo | Apr 2, 2014
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Attention, fellow gearheads: The Manila International Auto Show opens tomorrow, April 3!

But before that, we were at the Bangkok International Motor Show recently. While we ogled at the brand-new cars that we have yet to see on Metro Manila’s streets, we also couldn’t help but admire the metathione-enhanced ladies that stood side-by-side with the cars. This, of course, prodded us to think: If we had to choose between the cars and the babes, which one would we go for?

To find out, we’d like you to take this test by looking at the cars and its corresponding booth babes and choose which one would you rather have: tsikot o chikas?

Matchup #1:

Look past the stickers, and you can see that there's an actual Isuzu D-Max here:

Or would you rather have this porselana beauty whose skin contrasts nicely with her summer dress?

Matchup #2:

Would you rather have this snazzy-looking all-new Ford Fiesta with the blue racing stripes?

Or this rosy-cheeked lass dressed in traditional Ford colors?

Matchup #3:

Does this premium Lexus GS 250 sedan excite you?

Or does your heart beat faster for these classy-looking chicks?

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