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4 Basic Car Maintenance Tricks Every Motorist Should Know

Do you even know how to change a flat?
by Tanya Umali | Dec 16, 2016
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Having a car doesn't automatically mean that you're an expert in handling one. As a car owner, the only thing you'll probably be concerned with is driving smoothly to avoid any road accidents. But of course, you have to know the basics in order to maintain the quality of your vehicle.

Basic car maintenance mainly consists of washing the exterior of your car as well as cleaning the interior. However, there's so much more to learn. 

FHM asked the help of a car expert about some of the things you should know about getting your hands dirty all for the sake of taking care of your precious ride:

Changing tires

Imagine getting a flat tire along EDSA during rush hour and you don't know what to do. You'll wish you has at least asked someone to teach you how to change your wheels. "Basically, all your tools should be found inside your vehicle at all times," says DJ San Agustin, mechanic at Classical Works. It's pretty easy to learn. Just jack up your car, remove the tire with your tools, and replace it with your spare tire. Here's a video for more detailed instructions:

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Change your own oil

It's not a requirement for you to change your car's oil. You can hire someone to do so, but you should at least have an idea how it's done. San Agustin says you should get a pair of ramps to drain the excess oil in your car. Another thing you must also know when it comes to your car's oil is checking if there's still enough or whether the oil has already gone bad. 

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Washing your car

"You can opt not to use soap if your car isn't too dirty," suggests San Agustin. After washing it, put some wax on to add a layer to the topcoat. However, don't wash it with soap the next time because it will get rid of that fresh wax coating. 

Jump-starting your car

San Agustin says it's not at all difficult to do this. All you need to do is hook the positive clamp onto the dead battery and the other onto a good battery. Do the same with the negative clamp, placing one end on the good battery and the other on bare, grounded metal on the car with a dead battery. Start the car with the good battery, let it all heat up a bit, then start the dead car. If everything goes well, unclamp everything and you're good to go. Watch this video for more help:

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