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This Is How We'll Be Driving In The Future According To BMW

Celebrating their centenary, the German automaker teases us with its Vision Next 100 Concept
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 13, 2016
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BMW, maker of Expensive Cars We Aspire To Own One Day, is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Unlike most of us, however, who ask for gifts on our birthdays, this celebrant is the one handing out gifts. In a press event held March 7 in Munich, where the BMW Headquarters is stationed, the luxury brand offered car aficionados a magnificent present: the BMW Vision Next 100 Concept.


Clearly, a car that sci-fi dreams are made of. The Vision Next is an embodiment of how BMW sees how we'll be driving in the future—in 20 or 30 years to be more specific, according to reports. It's nothing like we've ever seen before, more so driven.

Here's how:

1) You no longer need door handles.

The four butterfly doors have proximity sensors that tell the doors to open when you're near.

2) Those gauges and warning lights on your dash? Gone too.

Replacing them is a feature called "Alive Geometry," which consists of 800 molded triangles that shapeshift to communicate with the driver. Car And Driver illustrates this point: "Is the car about to overtake a slow truck? A few dozen triangles might flap around in your right periphery. Curvy road ahead? The dash might take on the appearance of the road itself, instructing you on the proper line and optimum speed."

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3) The windshield now has more uses aside from preventing bugs from slapping onto your face.

As if emulating video games, the windshield now displays road information and alerts along with suggested driving lines to make you a more efficient driver. 

4) The car lets you choose between driving and being driven around.

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You have a choice with the Vision 100 car. You can still drive it using "Boost" mode or as with many automated driving systems being currently introduced, you can have it drive you. This is called "Ease" mode which reclines the seat, retracts the steering wheel (which doesn't even look like a wheel anymore) and transforms the windshield into a screen where you can watch movies on or other forms of audio-video entertainment.

5) It has its own form of Siri.

The Vision Next features an A.I. called Companion. The software monitors the people inside, learns their habits, and routinely suggests driving advice based on one's driving habits. All in all, it's designed to make better drivers out of us.

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