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BMW Z4 Roadster

<p>Goodbye 2009, hello BMW!</p>
| Dec 31, 2009
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The New Year is right around the corner and you’ve been contemplating about resolutions you’re planning to make. You look back at the year that has been, where everything felt like it all came and went. You needed a break from all the hassles of the world. Suddenly an epiphany hits you like a smack from above– you wanted to change. No more gadgets, no more technology, no more ringing phones, just you venturing into the wild. You pack your bags with all the food and cash one need just to get by in life. You are set to find the inner happiness no other gadget or thingamajig can give you. You truly believe that the journey you are about to take is a legendary story waiting to happen.

Just as you are about to hit the road, a BMW Z4 Roadster drove its way in front of you. Not sure if what you just saw was the real thing, your eyeballs slid from left to right.

You have never seen an automobile at its prime.

Boasting a Red Dot Design award, this rear-wheel drive sports car is 2009’s biggest BMW baby. It follows a line of past BMW roadsters such as the BMW Z1, BMW 507, and the BMW Z3. The car’s low seats near to the rear axle reward the driver with a perfect feel for the road. Not to mention the classic proportions of the stretched bonnet and short overhangs that compliments it.

The BMW Z4 Roadster replaces the Z3 to great reviews. Production of the car's first generation started in 2002 with production of both roadster and coupe forms. On its debut year it earned itself a "Design of the Year" award by Automobile Magazine, a big feat. The year 2009 saw the second generation Z4 as a retractable hardtop roadster.

All epiphanies aside, this vehicle has a one-of-a-kind ability to effortlessly negotiate straights and bends. A mix of striking contours, premium colors, and modern body car shape basically molds the BMW Z4 Roadster into the dream car you’ve always wanted. Our country deserves more vehicles like this one, and with more roadster models coming out we will have plenty of choices come 2010.

Just like that, you figured that little journey of yours could wait.

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