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All The Awesome Car Commercials From Super Bowl 50

A Super Bowl ad cost $4 million for every 30 seconds this year, so these car brands made sure that they made the most memorable commercial they could.
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 10, 2016
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Ah, yes, the Super Bowl. America's biggest sporting event featuring big, brawny dudes trying to ram each other like angry rhinos.

But beyond these fearsome creatures, what gets the most attention are the TV commercials. Super Bowl ad time is prime real estate for companies wanting to show off their goods to the entire U.S. populace—car brands included.

This year's ads featured a massive smattering of commercials for wheeled wonders, which we've laid out below. If you love cars, prepare to spend a good half hour just watching all these well-crafted "super short films."

1) Acura - "What He Said"

Looking at it, you know that the NSX made its makers scream in delight as they sculpted this beauty. We're screaming too. It's a chunk of metal that's sexy and savage at the same time.

2) Hyundai - “First Date”

Never, ever take the key from Kevin Hart if you plan on dating his daughter.

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3) Audi - "Commander"

This one tugs at the heart like a good, tender McDonald's commercial does. A former astronaut reminisces on the good ol' days by riding a fast, shiny R8.

4) Buick - “The Big Game Meets the Big Day”

Six words, fellas: It has Emily Ratajkowski in it.

5) Honda - “A New Truck to Love”

Along with the NSX commercial, Honda makes it two hits in a row with this charmer featuring the most charming sheep ever singing Queen's "Somebody To Love."

6) Hyundai - “The Chase”

Seems like animals are a big theme this year. This one features bears (one friendly, one carnivorous) whose chase was curtailed by Hyundai's voice-start technology.

7) Hyundai - "Ryanville"

Still focusing on the Elantra, Hyundai shows off its new safety technology which stops the car when it detects something in front of it. We would have been able to relate to this commercial more if it had been "Emilyville" or "Solennville."

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8) Hyundai - "Better"

Turning away from the humorous slant of the other Hyundai commercials, this one shows, quite literally, the "engine" of a person and how it can power him to eventually do great things.

9) Jeep - "Portraits"

The 4x4 company is celebrating their 75th anniversary, and they're doing it by putting the spotlight back on the consumers who made the brand what it is today. It's not a high-octane commercial neither is it humorous, but it tugs at the heart strings too.

10) Jeep - "4X4ever"

We break away from the seriousness of the other commercial with this one that's more upbeat and energetic. Still a celebration of what the brand represents though: adventure and fun.

11) Kia - "Walken Closet"

Check your socks. Are they beige? Now check your closet. Is there a veteran actor there? If yes, then pray that he's got a free Kia Optima in store for you!

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12) Mini - "Defy Labels"

If you're the type of person who typecasts cars into neat "owner categories," then boy does Mini have the commercial for you.

13) Toyota - "The Longest Chase"

One of the funniest car commercials from Super Bowl this year. Think of your favorite heist movie. Remove all the badass members of the crew, replace them with middle-aged men. Now, remove the exotic Italian car and put a Prius in its place. The result: nearly two minutes of comedy.

14) Toyota - "Heck On Wheels"

In Toyota second commercials for the Prius, they try to combat the car's senile reputation. And how do they do that? With a little bit of rock and roll of course!

So which of these is your favorite commercial?

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