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Pimp It: 7 Upgrades To Make Your Tsikot Car-Show-Worthy!

So you finally scored your own car (or your parents gifted you with their old ride). We bet you want to pimp the heck out of it! 
by Patrick Tadeo | Mar 21, 2014
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So you have a brand new car or your dad just handed down to you the keys to the family ride. Do you keep it "stock" so that it resembles the same models out there or do you modify it so that it’s uniquely yours? Of course, you’d want to change some stuff, just so that it doesn’t look frumpy or too pang-tatay.

If you're planning to do a bit of pimpin' to your tsikot, the gearheads in us want to help you out! We’ve listed here seven items that will sweeten how your car rides, feels, and sounds! 

(Warning, these ain't cheap-o items. But the hell with that, your car is an investment, right? Also, there's nothing like riding a pimped-out car! Lalo kang popogi, pre!)


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If you’re a car geek and want to know how your car’s performing but are afraid of drilling holes in the dash or A-pillar to fit the oil pressure and temperature gauges, then the Torque Pro app solves your problem. By simply hooking up an OBD II Bluetooth adapter to your car’s ECU (Engine Control Unit), you can use a tablet to display the information you need in real-time. No need to get your hands dirty, you new age mechanic.

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The specs: Available for Android devices; you only need the aforementioned Bluetooth adapter to get you started.

Price: P217.77


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Your diesel-powered SUV’s limitation is dictated by the manufacturer. But if you want to get the most out of it, you’ll need to buy an aftermarket chip. The most popular ones in the market right now are made by Race Chip. Since it’s a plug-and-play device, you can easily hook up the Race Chip Pro 2 to your car and fine-tune everything yourself to get as much as 30 percent more horsepower and 20 percent more torque.

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And since the local Race Chip community is massive, it’s easy to get tips on what setup works best for the particular vehicle you have and what you’ll be using it for.

The specs: High-performance STM8 24MHz processor, heat-resistant and waterproof fiberglass-reinforced plastic case

Price: P24,999  


car gadgets
Aside from fuel, your car also needs to breathe clean and fresh air to run. That’s why it needs an air filter, a device which you need to either clean or change at regular intervals. Thanks to the Hurricane Air Filter, you won't have to change it periodically anymore. Unlike disposable paper filters or reusable oil-based filters that need a dedicated cleaning solution, the Hurricane Air Filter only needs to be thoroughly washed with water and soap since it’s made of stainless steel. Once it’s clean, you only have to wait for it to dry and just slap it back onto your car.

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The specs:: Uniform microscopic holes on the Hurricane Air Filter’s wire mesh ensure consistent filtration and airflow, allowing the engines to breathe better and boost its power by as much as 10 percent.

Price: Starts at P2,500

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