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The 8 Common Habits Of Cheapskate Car Owners

Do your friends mysteriously say no when you offer them a ride? Buddy, you need to go through this list...
| Sep 25, 2015
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How do you know if your buddy isn't really the type to pamper his ride like royalty? has the answers.

In an article published on September 15, TG listed down the eight telltale signs that your friend is a bonafide kuripot when it comes to keeping his car in good condition, thus ending up with a car that "nobody wants to ride in—the antithesis of an ideal barkada vehicle."

From the outside, it might look like this:

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Think that guy is your friend? Or are YOU that friend? Go through their list and find out:

1)   Their vehicle is in generally worse condition than a '90s taxi.

"That smell...what the hell is that? What's this white stuff on the seat? Is that mold? You actually have deodorizing tablets under your seat?! Seriously?!" You try to roll down the window in a futile attempt to make the experience a little more bearable. But your friend stops you, saying the window won't roll back up if you roll it down. Fantastic.

2)   They're proud of the fact they don't worry about dents and scratches, saying physical appearance isn't important.

There's some truth to this: A vehicle doesn't necessarily have to be easy on the eye in order for it to be a good ride. But it’s a different situation entirely when your car starts to look like it came straight out of a Mad Max film, and we're not saying that in a good way. Which leads us to the next item on our list.

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3)   They drive like jeepney drivers because they don't mind taking a light hit every now and then.

"Are you sure you want to squeeze in there? You're awfully close to this jeep to your left." And they're not really going to bother bringing their baby in for repairs, not when some trusty old alambre can hold that loose bumper in place.

4)   They're always complaining about gas prices, even though they don't really keep track of them.

A simple trip to the filling station somehow always turns into a half-hour lecture into the geopolitical and economic ramifications of ongoing conflicts in the oil-rich Middle East. Come to think of it, we're not even mad. That's actually pretty impressive! And speaking of fuel...

5)   They shift to neutral when going downhill to save gas.

You dread going uphill, because you know that when you reach the apex of the vehicle's slow, lurching climb, he's going to shift into neutral to save fuel during the descent. He knows it's not safe...but gas prices! You keep quiet, mostly because you know there's no convincing him, but also because you'd rather be dead than listen to another half-hour lecture on gas prices and fuel consumption.

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6)   At one point or another, they've messed up their vehicle attempting some kind of a do-it-yourself quick fix.

There's absolutely nothing wrong in fixing your ride yourself--if you've got the know-how, that is. Unfortunately, you know that your friend isn't much of a gearhead. Parts of the vehicle are literally being held up by duct tape, and the tires look like they've been to the vulcanizing shop one time too many.

7)   They leave their car unlocked because, according to them, there's nothing worth stealing inside.

At first you're thinking: "Even the locks don't work?!" Your friend assures you that they do. It's just that he doesn’t really care.

8)   They always tell you they're about to buy a new car--one they'll take care of--but they never do.

You used to get excited for him. Sometimes he'd even ask you to help him pick a good car from an issue of Top Gear Philippines. Hell, you guys even worked out the numbers! Fast-forward a couple of months (or years) later, and he's still at square one. You come to the conclusion that your good friend is a lost cause.

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