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Fast Times at Tagaytay High(lands)

Chevrolet's newest cars versus our heavy handed, err, bodied drivers!
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 20, 2013
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Ever had that itch where you just want to drive something really hard but can’t because you know your car wouldn’t survive the abuse? Or, like in our case, you don’t even have a car? We were feeling exactly that when Chevrolet called us up to test their new creations, the Sonic and Trailblazer, at the Tagaytay Highlands.

Enter FHM's version of Man vs. Machine!

But first, FHM vs His Stomach!

This is racing legend Georges Ramirez briefing us/looking really serious while discussing something. Aside from being a master racer, Geroges also known in the motoring industry as the go-to guy when you want to arrange really cool car events.

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But no matter how much excited we were about whatever activities Georges and Chevrolet had cooked up we couldn't help but think food. So when it was apparent that he could no longer be understood over the din of our grumbling stomachs we finally had lunch. First up was salad with foie gras. What is foie gras you ask? Apparently it’s just a sosyal term for duck liver/atay–we’re on to you Chevy! The main course was much easier to understand: Steak. Like from a cow.

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vs. the Chevrolet Sonic
and TrailBlazer

Now full and ready to drive the hell out of anything, we were taken to a secluded part of the Highlands where a pair of Chevy Sonics awaited us (check out the Hollywood-esque sign in the back). We were then given two tasks: drive through the specially-designed course in exactly two minutes ten seconds and knock down some porkers in Chevy's real-life setup of Angry Birds. Obviously, being the expert commuters we are, we did better at the latter. We also hurled the Sonic into corners and generally drove like the worst kaskaseros in the world but Chevy’s compact took it all in stride.

The next target for our attempted demolition was the TrailBlazer. The test course was filled with rough terrain, sizable potholes, and a lack of proper pavement–in other words, it was just like Manila. When we got to a precarious looking downhill slope, we were told by our driving instructor Jojo Silverio (Yes, THE Jojo Silverio!)  to engage Hill Descent. The TrailBlazer’s electronics take over in this mode and you don’t even have to touch the brake pedal to control your descent.  To be technical about it, the Hill Descent mode prohibits the car from going more than 7kphslow, yes, but reaallly safe. That gave us more time to fidget uncomfortably.

Halfway back up, the instructor (still Jojo Silverio!) told us to do a full stop to demonstrate the TrailBlazer's hang assist. After getting queasy from seeing nothing but the sky, we got on the gas and Chevy's SUV rose to the top effortlessly. Its 2.8L engine eats inclines for breakfast–we wished the tricycles we ride to work had this much hill-climbing powerrrr. We then went full tilt through the rough roads for the destroy-the-car portion and once again failed to kill the big Chevy.

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In fact, even if we did flip over into a ravine, they would've probably told us to use the TrailBlazer again no problem–right after they remove our mangled bodies.

NEXT: FHM takes on the Good Life, then meets the Pomz!

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