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Meet The Prettiest Monster Truck Driver In The World, Cynthia Gauthier!

FHM scores an exclusive interview with Monster Jam Manila's gorgeous female driver!
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jun 19, 2015
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Amid all the heart-shopping flips and carefully dumped piles of wreckage Monster Jam is about to unleash at the Mall of Asia Arena you'll find a badass beauty that can easily outrace the manliest of (monster truck) men.

Meet Cynthia Gauthier, a monster truck driver who has been behind the wheel since she was eight years old. Motorcycles, buggies, ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), even tractors, you name itCynthia's been on them, and has competed using them.

And currently she has taken her fondness for driving to a whole 'nother level via the motorsport of monster trucks—yes, those supercharged metal freighters with oversized tires that throw themselves into the air, crush (old) cars, and sometimes even shoot sparks and spew fire. Cynthia joined the world's most famous monster truck tour, Monster Jam, this year and the lady is very much ecstatic with what's in store for her in this new endeavor. Just take a look at how wide her smile is...

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And because we were intrigued by Cynthia's presence in something often associated with large men driving ginormous machines of mayhem, we decided to chat her up! Learn more about Monster Jam Manila's only female driver in this exclusive FHM interview!


How did you get into this industry?
I started with motocross racing for five, six years, and as they say 'With the age, come the cage' (laughs). It's (monster truck driving) a bit more safe, so I applied because I really love Monster Jam trucks. I test-drove and did pretty good... And also because I love traveling. Like being in Philippines for me is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. To experience the culture, and eat different food, everybody here is always smiling, so for me it's really a great experience. Any other job is not better than this.

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How old were you when you first held a steering wheel?
I probably started around like eight, driving a tractor on the farm. After that, ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), (up until I got into) motocross... I love any kind of racing; I'm starting Go Kart this year. I race buggies, kind of like a doom buggy. So all kinds of racing, anything with engines I love it.

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What is it like to be a monster truck driver?
It's fun! I mean you get to travel around the world, meet some fun fans, learn about (foreign) culture, you know it's really fun, and you get to drive a big truck. It's my second family.

Behind all the crushing and crashing awesomeness, what are the usual problems monster truck drivers encounter at the track?
If the mechanic fails, because we don't want to disappoint the fans. (For example) I lose a wheel and I cannot keep going. But usually Monster Jam has the best crew guys so (trucks) rarely break.

Do you do some sort of special preparation or ritual before you take the driver's seat?
I do! You know to take the stress off, we sing a song (laughs)! On the radio, with my crew guy, we sing a song, and it usually puts my nerves down, then I do freestyle (singing).

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What is your monster truck jam?
I love everything. I love punk rock, I like AC/DC, you know all kinds of music. I even like RnB.


How is it like to be engaged in such a man-dominated sport?
With Monster Jam drivers, they help us a lot even if they're guys. They give you a lot of tricks and a lot of advice so it's good. Its fun, (like when) little girls come at you and they're all impressed and idolize you, I feel really glad to do this job as a female.

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Describe female monster truck drivers.
We're really competitive; even if we're women, we want to beat each other. Like when I'm up against Brianna (Mahon), she drives the Scooby Doo truck, it's competitive, like 'I have to beat her!' But we're all friends after racing, so it's pretty cool.

Truck operation, all sorts of driving; sorry if this sounds stereotypical, but those are unlikely hobbies for women. What do you think is the most feminine thing about you?
I like to do my hair (laughs)! I like to keep my hair always good-looking, so I'll say my hair.

What's a normal day outside the arena like for you?
I like to work out a lot; I spend a lot of time in the gym. I love lifting, staying in shape. It's good for monster truck driving, too.

In case being a monster truck driver or any kind of racer didn't work out, what do you think would you be doing right now?
For sure not a singer, I'm a bad singer! I studied accounting, to be a CPA (certified public accountant), so probably that. I'm good with numbers and mathematics, so there...

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Catch Cynthia and her ridiculously awesome ride, El Toro Loco, on June 20 and 21, at the Mall of Asia Arena in the country's first-ever monster truck event, Monster Jam Philippines! Get your tickets now by going to

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