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FHM's 2013 In Review: Top 10 Automotive Headlines That Had Us Revving Our Engines

We might not be the type who purchases a new car every year, but 2013 made us want to buy one more than any other year!
by Patrick Tadeo | Jan 2, 2014
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The year 2013 has been a good one for the local automotive industry. We love cars, and from our own observation, the market has never been as diverse. But you know who loves cars more than us? The guys from Here we ask for their help in proving that 2013 is the year of the car freak. Below are the 10 reasons.

1. Luxury car brands cometh!

We may live in a third-world country but that didn't stop the most prestigious of luxury car marques from setting up shop in the Philippines.

And of course, when you think of luxury car brands, you don't automatically think of something German; it's the British brands that first come to mind led by Rolls-Royce and its former sister company Bentley. And as it so happens, the entry of both brands into the country was only a month apart. We also saw the local launch of small-scale, bespoke carmaker Morgan this year which, unfortunately, saw them plagiarizing a story from and passing it off as its official press release during the launch itself.

2. Willie Revillame's car collection is still growing.

Willie Revillame is a man you either love or hate.

What we do know though is that the man loves his cars that he has amassed an impressive collection through the years. This year alone, the comedian has bought two very distinct car purchases, at least which we know of. In May, Revillame acquired the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG of Felix Ang, the president of the German carmaker's Philippine-market distributor CATS Motors. While it may be easy to dismiss this as a mere secondhand purchase, the car does have the autograph of former McLaren-Mercedes Formula 1 drivers Mika Hakkinen and David Coulthard.

A month after that, Revillame put himself in the record book by becoming the very first customer of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Manila when he received the keys to the Ghost unit on display at the brand's official launch in June. We can only imagine what cars he'll buy in 2014.

3. The all-new Toyota Vios arrives.

There's no arguing about it: the Toyota Vios is the Philippines' best-selling car to date. From its first unveiling at the Bangkok Motor Show to its official launch locally, people have been practically feasting on any mention of the car on, even more so when a test drive for the Top Gear Philippines magazine yielded an alarmingly low fuel mileage for a 1.5-liter unit, prompting to come out with an article explaining how that could be possible.

4. Paul Walker dies.

Perhaps because of the spate of celebrity death hoaxes that routinely spread on social media, add to that the All Saints' Day holiday, the news of Paul Walker's death didn't catch on too quickly. However, once the news was spread by Walker's official Facebook page and by mainstream media like CNN, the outpouring of grief was huge, especially when it came to light that the actor had his own humanitarian organization that helped out disaster-stricken areas.

Perhaps what made it even more heartbreaking for us as Filipinos is that he died after hosting a charity event to raise funds for those affected by Typhoon Yolanda.  

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