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FHM Super Preview: The Top 10 Cars To Watch Out For In 2014

Ready to make a big investment on a new ride? Start the journey with our picks of the hottest new cars entering the market this year.
by Patrick Tadeo | Feb 5, 2014
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It's hard to believe that the first month of the year is over. Time flies fast, indeed. In the motoring industry alone, two brand-new cars have already been launched for the Philippine market. And we heard that there are a lot more set to be released!

So if you're planning to buy a car this year (pautang naman!), let us clue you in on some of the vehicles that are expected to go on sale this 2014. More horsepower in the Year of the Horse, yo!


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The Corolla is actually the first all-new model to be launched this year. It's a lot better looking than its predecessor, inside and out. Shame that the engine is still the same though, but that also means spare parts won't be that hard to come by in case something breaks.

Why buy it: It's a Toyota, which means it's reliable. It also looks a whole lot better than your now run-of-the-mill Vios.

How much does it cost: From P836,000 to P1.201 million

HONDA ACCORD (January 2014)

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Your daddy's new car is here. But while its design is very reminiscent of its predecessor, its packs a lot of new toys that it didn't have before, like remote access to the audio systems from the rear seats and rear aircon vents. Yup, your Papa's gonna love this.

Why buy it: It's the latest contender in the midsize segment and—again—it has a lot of new features it didn't have before.

How much does it cost: From P1.72 million to P2.097 million

TOYOTA WIGO (February 2014)

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It's Toyota's first time to enter the microcar category after so many years. Yet, despite its late entrance to the market, we predict that the Wigo will be a potential hit for the Japanese carmaker just by brand association alone. Toyota, eh!

Why buy it: Because it's the most affordable Toyota in the market

How much does it cost: From P448,000 to P534,000


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Always two, there are; a master and the apprentice. So while the Toyota Vios is the king of the subcompact market, the Honda City is always waiting in the wings. However, if Honda Cars Philippines can bring here the diesel-powered version it launched in India late last year, then we reckon the Vios' days on the throne might be numbered.

Why buy it: Because it's a Honda, which means you won't be seeing your car as a taxi unit

How much it'll cost: Just above the current City's price range of P746,00 to P876,000

MAZDA 3 (Late 2014)

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The Mazda 6 is a spectacular car, packing so many new toys that aren't available in the midsize class. The all-new Mazda 3 aims to replicate that formula in the compact class when it goes on sale later this year. It also looks good in both hatchback and sedan form.

Why buy it: It's arguably the best-looking car in its class and, going by its distributor's history of pricing its products, it'll have a very, very competitive price tag.

How much it'll cost: Probably within the current model's price tag of between P899,000 and P1.299 million

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