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The First DeLorean Commercial Since 1982 Makes Us Feel Nostalgic And Adventurous

A tribute to a pop culture icon and a hopeful look into the future
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 10, 2016
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The DeLorean DMC-12 is perhaps the most famous car in all of sci-fi. Thanks to its time travelling role in the Back To The Future trilogy, the two-door sports car is now both a pop culture icon and an important piece of cinema history.

Too bad seeing one in the flesh is as rare as witnessing light traffic on EDSA during rush hour today.

However, a DMC-12 sighting will become a little less rare in the near future because a new line of replicas of the iconic ride could be on the streets as early as next year.

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The DeLorean Motor Company (DMC), which currently restores and services old DMC-12s, will be building new replicas of the said vehicle using leftover original parts they've acquired through the years.

And, to build some hype, a new DMC-12 commercial has just been released—the first one since the original DeLorean Motor Company (the current DMC is not directly tied to it, but owns the rights and logos of the DeLorean branding) filed for bankruptcy in 1982.


The ad evokes a sense of nostalgia (as expected), serenity (thanks to the song "Make You Happy" by Andrew Kingslow), and adventure, playing into the DMC-12's cinematic roots as a car that will bring you to a time not your own.

But enough talk.


For reference, here's a DeLorean ad from 1982:

The youthful dude in the new clip might also point to DMC wanting to market to the younger generation (those who saw the DMC-12 as a pop culture fixture) rather than to the oldies who actually bought one back in the day.

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The new DMC-12s should be on the road by 2017, if everything goes according to plan. Current estimates put the SRP between $80,000 (around P3.8 million) and $100,000 (around P4.7 million), with production pegged at just 300 to 350 units for the next six years.


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