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Flood proof your car!

<p>A few steps to avoid the ugly that Ondoy has left our wheels</p>
| Oct 1, 2009
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Muddied cars, layers of vehicles toppled one ontop of another, these are just a few souvenirs that Ondoy has left the country. As we all know, prevention is better than cure. While the following may be things we all ready know, gentle reminders such as these can never hurt. And so, we present a few things that can help us deal with typhoons, floods, and our cars in the long run.

1. Get insured. If you live in flood-prone areas, you might want "Acts of God" to be stipulated in your policies. While it may seem too expensive, consider it a small amount of money in exchange of your peace of mind.

2. Familiarize yourself with roads. If you already have a routine, watch for streets that flood easily, those with perennial puddles. Avoid passing through them, especially when rains are heavily pouring down.

3. Turn back and get high. A higher parking ground, that is. Say you're already on the road, driving and you encounter a flooded street. If the water is as high as your doorsill, turn back, find a higher parking ground, and stay put until things settle down.

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4. Stay on first gear. Is the flood water still passable? Stay in first gear and drive slowly. "The goal is to keep going without stalling the engine." informs

5. Do not start your engine. Should you find yourself stalled, now is not the time to act all handyman-ish. Instead of starting your car and acting like mr. know-it-all, get your car towed asap.

6. Disconnect batteries. We're pretty sure this is something you've been practicing diligently.

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