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5 Reasons We Want Ford's Sporty Mini-SUV, The Ecosport, Now!

Ford has just released a new SUV that we can't just stop dreaming about. Here are five reason why you will too.
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 19, 2014
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You buy a powerful, cargo-hauling SUV, and now you're guzzling down gas like you have a massive vendetta against the planet. You buy a sub-compact that sips fuel by the straw, but now you can't even offer your barkada a ride.

What to do? How about we tell you that the Philippine market now has a car that caters to both those needs? It's called the Ford EcoSport, and it's the first ever B-Segment SUV in the Philippines! For you non-gearheads, a B-Segment SUV is essentially an SUV that religiously went to the gym to shave off excess pounds.

The EcoSport is said to be the first of its kind here, and it aims to be a more spacious alternative to the traditional compact car. That's just one reason we like it, and below are five more. Simply put, it's a ride we'd love to test drive soon!

And reason number one is one big reason:

1) It's a bonafide headturner

It's fresh, it's young and it's something new to the eye. It isn't as monolithic as a typical SUV, yet it's brawnier than your workaday compact car. But enough talk:

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We especially love the distinctive aerodynamic styling of the car that contrasts well with the wide manly hood and sculpted bodylines. The windows, windshield, and headlamps offer a very sleek facade, while the mounted wheel at the back reminds you that, yes, you're still driving an SUV. It's just more agile and a bit more relaxed.

2) The driving experience it offers is tailor-made for the city

Ford calls the EcoSport the "Urban SUV," and for good reason. It's ready for Manila's waterlogged seasons thanks to its 550mm water-wading capability. Its 200mm. ground clearance also means you won't have to perfect "siyetes" (the act of approaching humps sideways to avoid scraping concrete). And its relatively smaller size means you won't have to look for huge parking spaces.

Its cargo space, for a car this size, is commendable too. With the rear seats tumbled down, you'll have cargo space for up to 705 litersbig enough to fit a medium-sized washing machine.

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