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Ford Ranger Wildtrak: 5 Reasons Why We're Wild For This Pickup Truck

Take a ride on the wild side with this new pickup truck!
by Anton D. Umali | Sep 23, 2013
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Pickups have a reputation for being big and noisy vehicles driven by trucker-cap-wearing men trying to live a roughrider lifestyle. Though this might be true (and we’re ditching our trucker-caps as we speak), there are some pickups whose burly aesthetics are infused with an understated elegance.

Take the Ford Ranger Wildtrak, for instance. Not only is it macho enough to give even the geekiest of drivers higher levels of testosterone simply by having them sit behind its wheel, its performance as an everyday car also speaks of the quality we've come to demand from the American brand it represents.

We were lucky enough to give this baby a spin. And here we’ve listed five reasons why the Ford Ranger Wildtrak is driving us wild.

It comes in three sleek colors: Chili Orange, Black Mica, and Cool White. We were lent the Chili Orange to match our spicy personality (ha!). The surprising element about the Wildtrak is that its interior is the total opposite of its maverick exterior design. The leather seat and door trim also had orange accents, giving the car an overall gwaping factor. Inside, the dashboard is streamlined: dual zone climate control for temperature, Bluetooth and voice control for the audio system, and storage space for all your junk.

It is this duality that gives this pickup its charm: war tank on the outside, knight in shining armor on the inside.

                                   Theoretically, you can put your weed in there. But don't because it's illegal!
Maneuvering our city’s roads and highways are stressful, to say the least. But driving a car as high as the Ford Ranger Wildtrak alleviates the hassles of going into road rage mode. Imagine having to cut or ease your way into a lane congested with traffic. With its ride height and huge 18-inch alloy wheels, other cars would be too intimidated to piss you off. The sense of protection it provides is calming and reassuring, allowing for an easy drive. With a ground clearance of 223 mm, and the Ranger’s water-wading capability of up to 800 mm (Ford claims it to be the best-in-class), you're ready for Manila's maangas drivers and constant floods.

                                   Although if it's this pretty, we'd still think twice using it as a submarine

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