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Have You Seen Subaru's Crazy Attack On Titan Commercial?

Subaru collabs with anime favorite,<em> Attack On Titan</em>, for a beastly car commercial!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 27, 2014
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Are you a fan of giant animé series, Attack On Titan? Do you love Subaru cars? Have you always had a special place in your heart for crazy Japanese commercials?

If you said yes to all three, then, by God, do we have the perfect thing for you. Witness below: A Subaru Forester commercial featuring the giants of Attack On Titan.

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Tremendous, isn't it? Leave it to the Japanese to come up with a thrilling ad that features things that guys love, namely: fast, dangerous driving, a pogi SUV, and the ability to leave everyone in your dust.

The Japanese carmaker's collab with some of the coolest villains in animé today was a huge, huge bonus—and one that only the guys from the Land of the Rising Sun might think of.

Japan makes some pretty weird and cool commercials. If you didn't already know this, well, maybe their McDo commercials below will convince you. While the Philippine McDo commercials appeal to Filipinos' family-first, warm hug-giving side, Japan's appeal to the unhinged side of humanity:


While that compilation has enough weirdness to last you a week, we're going to keep ball rolling. The Subaru-Attack On Titan isn't the only "fun" Japanese car commercial around. Here are 10 more!

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