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Here's The New Taxi Rate Vs. The Old Rate Vs. Grab

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by Ash Mahinay | Aug 2, 2018
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Way back last year, the LTFRB agreed to revamp the taxi fare system since operators kept bellyaching that Uber and Grab were killing their business. Of course, saying and doing operate on very different timelines when it comes to the government, so the folks at the bureau have just recently got around to implementing the new rules this month. Your next ride's recalibrated taxi meter would follow the new fare which is:

Flag down: P40

Per kilometer: P13.50

Per minute of the trip: P2

versus the old system which worked like this:

Flag down and first 500 meters: P40

Per 300 meters: P3.50

Per minute stopped: P3.50

The big difference is in the minutes. This time taxi meters will time the entirety of the trip whether you're rolling or stewing in traffic and happily tick updwards nonstop. Meanwhile, any butal distance traveled that doesn't exceed a kilometer, such as the last 400 meters of a 3.4 kilometer ride, won't be charged—a small victory, we guess. Now, it’s honestly a pain in the neck to calculate how much you’ll be paying and almost impossible to make a 100% direct comparison (because traffic and all that), but we've come up with the most accurate estimates of what you’d be paying for the same hypothetical 5 kilometer, thirty minute trip based on the new taxi rate, the old rate, and Grab.

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New taxi rate:

Flag down: P40

Per kilometer: P67.50 (P13.50 x 5)

Per minute: P60 (P2 x 30)

TOTAL: P167.50

Old taxi rate:

Flag down: P40

Per kilometer: P52.50 (P3.50 x 15 which is 4500m divided by 300m)

Per minute: P26.25 (P3.50 x 7.5 or 15 minutes in traffic)

TOTAL: P118.75

Grab rate:

Base fare: P40

Per kilometer: P60 (P12 estimate from Grab's P10-14 variable rate x 5)

Surge: All the way to 2x, you never know, and isn't "Fares are higher due to demand" always blinking on screen anyway?

That disputed P2 per minute waiting charge: Does this still exist?

We are not math majors, but we've never seen a no-surge P100 Grab trip in real life, so we also whipped out our phones and plotted in a 5 kilometer ride to Tiendesitas from our Pioneer office at 11AM—likely to result in a thirty minute ride more or less.

TOTAL: P179 (based off the app itself)

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Let's put those three beside each other and round them off nicely:

Grab fare: P180

New taxi fare: P170

Old taxi fare: P120

Whew, that new taxi fare is quite a jump! Don't even get us started on their antics, but we really wonder if the fact that they can charge a whole lot more now would improve their level of service as well.

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