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Honda City 2009

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| Mar 2, 2009
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That odd behind, long and plump and seemingly welded wrong to a snubbed yet pointed front to give a look of sad disproportion, was a serious consideration if you were buying a second-generation Honda City. You bought into quality, yet it still made perfect sense to hacksaw the City in half and do away with the rear.
How did Honda solve the problem? By genocide. They killed the whole generation off and built anew from the ground up. And what did they come up with?

This.It’s as though a sin had been absolved.
In a stunning display of reverse engineering, where the previous preoccupation was with the rear end, now Honda worked on the front, giving you the front grille. This is where everything starts for this car.
From the grille, your eyes will glide to a perfectly chiseled body angled like an arrow ready to be shot all the way down to the rear lights, after which you will sense a certain BMW series 3 aspiration.
Such is the impact of this car on looks alone that some people have begun to doubt the dignity of their current-model Civics. No dilemma of the sort would ever ensue with the previous City.

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