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Honda Civic 2006

Aching to modify the Honda Civic? We'd rather you not!
by Allan P. Hernandez | Aug 18, 2006
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WORDS: Allan P. Hernandez

The new 2006 Honda Civic has rolled out of the assembly line and is now steadily filling up our streets. The question we now have to ask is: Do we slap on extra large exhaust pipes, 18’’ wheels, oversized tachometers, chins and skirts, wings, neon lights on the underside, fake a carbon fiber hood by painting it flat black, in fact repaint the entire damn car a different color?

You’ve seen this done on Civics by what the car community call the “ricers”—dudes who modify their cars to look like The Fast and the Furious rides, sometimes too much. Since the time of the hot egg-shaped hatch, an almost anal attention to what all else could be put into a Civic has gotten auto nuts bobbing their head in disbelief or scouring shops for aftermarket parts. The boys at Honda’s R and D and design team may have been gravely insulted, too.

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This time, though, there’s a good case for leaving the eighth generation Honda Civic as it is.

Just look at it. You can tell its designers treated their blueprints like FHM spreads. The Civic is fluid and sinuous; you can run your hands through its body and feel a jolt run through your spine. The bonnet is by far the sexiest the Civic has had; no decal or false carbon fiber hood should deface it.

It’s got piercing eyes. HID brightens them up. We’ve seen some kids gouge one eye out of their Civics to simulate an air intake setup of some sort. Would anyone dare do that with this one? We think that would be taking it way too far.

But let us go back to the gist of this blabbering we’re on to: There’s a good case for leaving this car as it is, but we aren’t saying we feel no urge to put on something else.

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Like with the mag wheels for instance. The biggest it can go off the assembly line is 16’’. There’s a voice inside our heads that tells us "slap on an 18’’! And will you just look at the spoke design?! Staid! For a comfortable ride, you have to stick with the Honda engineers who decided the existing wheels are good enough. But what about style? There goes one of several tough decisions you have to make.

Good thing Honda does make efforts to appease the aftermarket set. You can get a new Civic and order Modulo accessories to snazzy up your car. From spoilers to chins and side skirts, to silver panels on your dashboard, your Honda dealer will get them for you. But we tell you, it’s nothing over the top.

Which brings us to the rear lights. To us, it just looks a bit out of place with the rest of the car. It’s just, well, too tacky. We can imagine ricers will start modification from here, then on to the rest of the car until the 2006 Civic no longer looks like a 2006 Civic.

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Or worse, given the taste of some of these modders, only the rear lights stay.

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