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How I (Sort Of) Accidentally Displayed My Car At MIAS 2017

A first-timer’s guide to the car show experience and how it corrupted him
by Ash Mahinay | Apr 2, 2017
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As a newbie member of Subaru Society (and Subaru ownership in general), I didn’t really think I’d be the best choice to represent the club when the group boss posted “We are invited to display our beloved cars at MIAS opening day.”

But there were no requirements and no pretensions (a fellow member asked if his stock ride could join, and was told “sure!”) so I decided to sign up too because I wanted to meet the gang and—more pressingly—I would get to park at the World Trade Center driveway. How convenient! 

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It was definitely not to show off. My car had an off color side mirror, holes for washer nozzles in the hood, a fresh bird poop mark I only noticed on the way there, and overall not in a state that says “car show.”

I arrived early and a trio of BRZ’s were already occupying some prime real estate in a blocked off area. I realized I had no contact with the organizer, and no idea what to do. I just faked it til I made it—thanks random Subaru employee who opened the barrier for me after I mumbled “sa Subaru”—and parked along with them.

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Two detailers started polishing a Forester that followed, and I thought to myself: “I hope they do mine too but ayoko mag-assume.” But they did, and that’s where the first thoughts of “Yeah bitch, I’m on display at a car show and somebody is actually cleaning my car without me paying them to do it” hit me.

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And then I checked myself. It wasn’t a real display, but it was the first time I did anything close to it. So for everyone who doesn’t understand the thought processes of car guys and car shows, let me share the sensations while I lurked around the display to get some photos for this piece:

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a bad-ass car–if you are parked diagonally along a driveway your car will instantly look ten times more important.

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It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a bad-ass setup–if you are grouped with fellow cars parked diagonally, #strengthinnumbers takes over and you all look ten times more important together. (Being all the same brand helps)

Parking right in front of big buildings, active driveways, or wherever there isn’t normal parking in general is 50 percent the thrill of being on display.

Parking diagonally without ending up on Top Gear is another 30 percent.

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Every time someone looks at your car, your pride will swell a little bit. (Hopefully they aren’t looking at it because something is wrong.)

You will never feel unimportant and sad that no one is taking pictures of your car–at the very least your club mates will take pictures of it.

There is an important difference between joining a display and a competition. Competitions are where people will actively judge your car and stress you out.

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It’s easier to bumble into a display if it happens on a Thursday.

Subaru has the best brand ambassadress ever.

Hindi ka lalangawin ng chicks.




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