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Innovation In Mobility Expo Revs Up

Fresh ideas keep the world of wheels going 'round
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 5, 2013
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It’s a great time to be a gearhead as a couple of car shows opened its doors this week.

First was the Manila International Auto Show at the World Trade Center, which opened yesterday and will be running until the 7th, (and which we invaded on the first day.)

Second, swinging its gates wide open for those wanting a glimpse of the rides we’ll be seeing in showrooms in the near future is AVID’s Innovation in Mobility Expo.

AVID (The Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors), an organization composed of leaders in the auto industry campaigning to spur development of the sector, convened today to not only exhibit cars but also to enlighten and mold minds with its “Thought Leadership Forum.”  

This year, that came in the form of ICON or Innovation Congress, a talk featuring top minds from various segments all sharing their piece on the value of innovation. The dialogue featured’s Maria Ressa, RFM’s head honcho Joey Concepcion, young upstarts Itemhound and its founder Deogracias Villame, and IBM Philippines’ Chief Technologist, Lope Doromal Jr., to name a few.

One of the most anticipated participants however was Casey Hyun, the Creative Design Manager at Hyundai Motor Company. If you’re driving a Hyundai right now, chances are this guy had a huge hand shaping your car.

During his talk, he stressed how Hyundai’s vehicles have been deliberately reshaped from being just another hunk of metal to something that truly evoked emotion. It wasn’t an overnight thing but a continual process to this day; a process that picked up steam in 2006 when the brand developed a commitment to develop concept cars and refine those experimental units to a point where they’re both functional, and good-looking.

The Seoul-born innovator also discussed how the “fluidic” transformation of Hyundai cars today was forged by the brand’s search for “an identity that sets it apart at a glance.” That's why it isn’t so rare nowadays for us to be surprised that the head-turning car we're looking at is a Hyundai. The brand’s become a powerhouse, and its willingness to innovate is no small reason why that is so. Says Hyun, “History-changing innovation and ideas are with us all the time. It’s just a matter of who thinks of them hard enough and takes that vital first step to make it real.”

Inspired yet? No? Well, maybe the cars on the next page will inspire you. Click to proceed!

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