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Build Your Own Survival Car Kit

It's always better to be safe than sorry
by Tanya Umali | Jan 20, 2017
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All set and ready to go on that road trip you're preparing for? Not so fast. Apart from your friends who'll be accompanying you on your joyride and your itinerary for the entire trip, you should know that you must also bring with you a couple of life savers. 

What could go wrong? Apparently, a lot can. You never know when misfortune might arrive and it's always better to be safe than sorry. 

Check out a few items you can stash in that spacious car of yours that might end up saving your life.

Swiss Knife

Knives are handy when you need to cut something loose or stab something open. Get a good quality knife that won't break easily in case of emergencies. 

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Extra clothes

Due to the unpredictable weather here in the Philippines, having extra clothes in your vehicle can be quite useful, especially in situations where it suddenly rains and you don't have an umbrella with you.

Food and drinks

Don't get rid of that granola bar just yet. It's actually a good idea to store extra snacks in your car along with drinks. Just store them properly to maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle. You wouldn't want pests to set up camp in there, would you? 


First-aid kit

It's pretty obvious that you should have a first-aid kit with you at all times. It's pretty small, so it really won't take up so much room inside your car. You never know when an accident might happen on the road. 

Car tools

What kind of a driver doesn't have any car tools with him? What if you get a flat tire and there are no repair shops around? Make sure you have all the essential tools you need to fix a minor automobile breakdown such as a jack, a wrench, and spare tire. 

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Fire and light starter

These are useful especially when you're stuck in the middle of nowhere at night. Have at least a match and a battery powered tool that could start a fire or emit light. 

Spare change

Those extra coins might save your ass in an emergency situation. You might forget or lose your wallet somewhere, so all the extra change you can gather up inside your vehicle might be useful when you have to pay for something. 

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