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Kia Carens

Kia's new baby<br />
| Dec 5, 2007
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And diesel regains its rule of the streets. We’ve raved about it before, how the cheaper but pollution-contributing diesel has been resurrected into a still cheaper but now more efficiently burning fuel—sans the black smoke. And how, coupled with breakthrough in diesel engines, diesel is now the choice for those who want to traverse through metro traffic in modern Road Runner fashion.

But just when we thought that those new ripping diesel engines could only be plunk on fit-for-bachelors four door pogi cars, along comes Kia’s new baby, the Carens.

A five-door creation that is fit for a family as big as eight, the Carens is an irony on wheels. You can take the whole family and some merienda and enjoy a great day of driving to far-off places in it. And because you’ll likely encounter almost endless stretch of roads, you can also maximize the Carens’ six-gear 2.0-liter engine, passing by trees like they were just painted on the landscape. - Allan Hernandez

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