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Land Rover Discovery 4

<p>No, it's not some space exploration NASA project</p>
| Apr 29, 2010
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Adventure is all in a day’s work for Land Rover’s lord of a machine, the all new and improved Discovery 4. [firstpara] Whether it’s an all-out, ball-shaking off-road trek into the far reaches of Northern Luzon or a trip into pothole-laden backstreets of the Metro, this mid-size SUV tackles all of them with a swagger

The Discovery 4 is a brawny and handsome car, one fueled with enough testosterone to put other fancy SUVs to shame. It is confident enough to retain its boxy chiseled looks, which is a mile away from the more modern, fresh-looking lines of its contemporaries.

This is not to say that the Discovery 4 looks outdated. Subtle yet modern design cues are evident; check out its fenders, its new aerodynamic bumpers, and a mean-looking front grille.

The huge headlights are also very sporty, which also features High Beam Assist, which switches on or off automatically as conditions require.

The interior feels very luxurious but thankfully doesn’t feature anything that would make Lady Gaga proud. The dashboard makes you feel like you’re the commander of an imposing land-ship.

The Discovery 4 is just as beastly when it comes to performance. Powered by a sophisticated and highly efficient LR-TDV6 3.0 twin turbo diesel engine, this car boasts an awesome 600Nm of torque and 245 horsepower. That’s more than enough power to haul you, your whole barangay and cargo to some beach in Batangas, quick and easy.

Land Rover also claims to have improved the engine’s fuel consumption rate by 9% and its carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 10% since its previous iteration. 

Power though is only a part of the equation. The Discovery 4 also boasts the right combination of features that make your trips feel less like a trek on moon’s surface and more of a smooth glide.

A big chunk of the credit goes to Land Rover’s Terrain ResponseTM system, which automatically tweaks the vehicle for best road performance depending on the terrain. It’s like having a backseat-driver that’s not annoying, and makes offroading all the more enjoyable.

Completing the set-up are its improved suspension and steering components, more powerful brakes, and world-class traction control. All said, the Discovery 4 is just a superb SUV, although it's going to take most of us north of a decade to save up for it.

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