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LOOK: Man Illustrates 'Facial Expressions' Of Cars

Artist draws up cartoony representations of car faces.
by Gelo Gonzales | Aug 27, 2015
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When we look at a car, specifically its front, it is normal for us to see a certain expression on it. Some cars look happy. Some cars look sullen. And some cars look mean. Science has a name for the phenomenon: facial pareidolia, wherein we identify human faces on inanimate objects. It's the same as seeing Jesus' face on the bark of a tree. 

Facebook user Ken Tang didn't see Jesus' face on the bark of a tree. But he did see faces. Tang, a resident of Vancouver according to his page, saw the expressions on a host of cars—from super cars to SUVS and everything in between—and proceeded to dutifully illustrate these expressions. He placed the cartoony illustrations and the actual cars side-by-side,  doing 42 illustrations in all. Two cars got the joke treatment, and instead got compared to a vacuum cleaner and a dugong.

Check them out below:

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Definitely fililng this under "Cool things people do."

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