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FHM Cares: Is Your Car Rain-Ready?

Heavy rains make for unsafe roads. Here's a little checklist to make sure you're prepared!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 21, 2014
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Hey, bro! As you might have noticed, the rains are starting to come in at a more regular rate. And just a few weeks from now, the annual barrage of storms, low-pressure areas, Habagat, and whatnot will strike.

Our question: Is your car ready? Tempestuous weather conditions can test our rides just as much as the summer heat did, but in different ways. Since we'd hate to see you get caught up in a bad car situation caused by inclement weather, here we've put up a little questionnaire to help ease your car worries this rainy season.

Drive safe, bro!

1) Do you have an umbrella inside your car?

Seems like a stupid question; but really, is it? All we know is that it sucks to arrive at your destination only to be unable to get out because of a massive downpour. It sucks even more when you're forced to make a run for it under the rain just so you and your date wouldn't be late to that 7:30 p.m. movie. Funny how an umbrella could be the factor that decides whether you get to make out with the girl or not!

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 ...unless your date is Rihanna who never leaves home without an umbrella!

2) Are your tire treads still deep enough?

Let us ask that one more time: hindi pa ba pudpod yung gulong mo? Tire treads prevent water from accumulating in between the tire and the road, and thus help maintain grip. Without at least three to four millimeters of depth in the treads, you run the risk of forming a water sheet between tire and track, which could result to slippage. Get your Sherlock magnifying glass now and look!

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3) Are your brakes not slipping?

Wet roads decrease your braking power. If your brake pads are already worn out, that dip in your ability to stop could be deadly. On a sunny day, test and feel out your brakes. If you think the braking power's not as solid as it used to be, consult a pro.

In any case though, remember this rule: when it pours, drive slow. Even if your brakes are new, they can't make up for the fact that you're overspeeding.

4) Have you checked your wipers?

Wipers with worn-out rubbers are no good, and won't be able to help maintain windshield visibility under tremendous rainfall. The summer season could have easily cracked the rubber on your wipers, rendering them useless, so now's as good time as any to have them checked.  

Haven't we learned our lesson from this guy in Jurassic Park?

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5) Are your headlamps in tip-top shape?

 Along with wipers, headlamps are crucial in maintaining visibility when the dark, heavy clouds come. Short of a bulb replacement, have them cleaned out from the inside so that they can regain their original illuminating power.

6) Have you performed a survey of the routes you typically ply?

Visibility and braking power all help in avoiding potholes, but the best way to avoid these track terrors is by learning the routes you take. Not only that, be mindful of the spots that typically get flooded, so you can prepare a Plan B that could help your car avoid such a damaging situation. And don't pick parking spots that fill up like a lake... 

...or are populated with acid-spitting dinosaurs!

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7) Have you done a rust-check lately?

If you'd like to maintain your car's value, one thing you can do is prevent rust from eating away your car's body. Do an eye-test, and check the body for tiny rust formations that may worsen in bad weather. Protecting your investment has always been a sound move!

8) Does your battery have enough juice left?

Extreme weather causes corrosion on the battery poles while the combination of wipers, headlights, and air-conditioning can really put a toll on your battery life. Make sure to clean the battery poles to prevent corrosion and have your battery checked at your local talyer to see if they still have enough juice left!

Trust us; you don't want to be stuck with a car that won't start while that underground tunnel is starting to fill with rain water!

 Not that kind of juice, Vin Diesel!

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