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Man Wheels: The Toyota Fortuner 2012

Favors the bold
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 22, 2011
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You’d have to be blind to disagree with the notion that the Toyota Fortuner is a bad boy. It’s a hunk of metal brimming with style and ruggedness—two traits which any man worth his balls hold in high regard. Survey our highways and the car’s ubiquity should be proof of that.  

The improvements introduced on the new 2012 model should only make it even more desirable, while retaining that which made it such a hit in the first place: a genuinely commanding presence. At a glance, the car’s not unlike a bully, who’s out to take the lunch money of most other cars out there—subcompact cars, most probably. It boasts a new chrome grille that’s notably bolder, as it is beautifully accented by the lines running along the hood.

The front bumper has been given a facelift as well, which along with the pair of foglamps on the lower portion, serve to highlight the car’s meaner attitude. The HID-equipped projector-type headlights seem to have a fiercer look about them and boast an auto-leveling feature to help you traverse roads better at night.

The back reveals a host of physical upgrades too: the rear spoiler and the taillights take on a very sporty personality. As reports, all variants of the 2012 Toyota Fortuner have now been equipped with clearance and back parking sensors. The car nuts at the said website also takes note of important upgrades to the car’s suspension, and new engine undercover, resulting in a more comfortable and stable ride. 

While it’s tough on the outside, the SUV’s interior hints at the other half its personality. It’s a set of wheels fit for a king as the leather seats and the simple yet elegant aesthetics should indicate. It’s proof that this bad boy’s got a soft side as well. Now, check out the gallery below to see it from all sides.

The 2012 Toyota Fortuner sells for P1.330 million for the base 4x2 G diesel (M/T) variant; P1.343 million for the 4x2 G gasoline (A/T) variant; P1.408 million for the 4x2 G diesel (A/T) variant; and P1.719 million for the top-of-the-line 4x4 V diesel (A/T) variant.

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