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Mazda 2

<p>Like the old cliche goes, it's small but terrible</p>
| Mar 31, 2010
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If you’ve noticed, Mazda’s cars have evolved from anonymous to famous. That rings no truer than in the case of the Mazda 2. [firstpara] The car has indeed shed all traces of its days as a rather indistinct minivan (called the Mazda 121 or Demio, then), and has transformed into something more appealing to the urbanite. The Mazda 2 might just be one of the best-looking subcompact in the market today.

As with any subcompact, the easiest way to describe the Mazda 2 is that it’s cute. But a quick survey around the car will reveal just how sporty it is. The dynamic lines on the car’s sides create a very aggressive character.

Likewise, the eye-catching design lines continue towards the front and the back, giving the car a very strong presence—even when parked.

Mazda’s unique front grille and foglamp bezels make the Mazda 2 a handsome car, while side skirts and rear spoiler complete the car’s sporty looks.

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Inside, the Mazda 2 is comfortable and doesn’t feel the least bit cramped, thanks in part to an interior design that emphasizes soft contours and curves.


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