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Mazda 3

<p>Three times a winner</p>
| Dec 17, 2009
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You know you got a real classic car design in your hands, when, after a few years of its release, it still has the ability to turn heads. And that’s what the Mazda 3 is. It’s a real beauty. [firstpara]
During a time when competing cars looked stale and boring, the Mazda 3 zoomed by, and promptly forced their main competition like the Honda Civic and the Toyota Altis to step their game up.

The Mazda 3’s bold and brash design was received enthusiastically by the people, hence the car’s prevalence in Manila roads today. We daresay, it's responsible for revitalizing the Mazda brand.

And as if its cool looks weren’t enough, now we’ve got more reasons to dole out the money for the stylish sedan. Once again, the Mazda 3 ranks the highest in the 2009 Thailand Initial Quality Study (IQS) in the midsize car segment, as revealed in a J.D. Power Asia Pacific Report.

The study measured the occurrence of problems within the first two to six months of ownership, with the problems divided into different categories including vehicle exterior; engine and transmission; driving experience; HVAC; audio, entertainment and navigation; features, controls and displays; vehicle interior; and seats.

The Mazda 3 got the best score, with only 137 problems experienced per 100 vehicles. Even more impressive is that this is actually the third year that the Mazda 3 has bested all its competitors in the midsize car segment.

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So essentially, if it’s a reliable, consistent car you’re after, the vaunted 3 is indeed a very appealing choice—it’s the very epitome of style and substance in one smooth package.



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