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Mazda 6

<p>Mint car!</p>
| Jun 11, 2008
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At first blush, the new Mazda 6 looks like the predecessor's younger bro that has been given more attention by their mum and dad: It appears to be bulkier, more swamped with flashy details and probably more hyped among relatives and friends.
Why, you ask? Talk about being well-rounded: The Euro car-like front fenders emphasize its wheels and tires, spelling class, while its sporty overhangs give it the hip edge. Add to that the side styling, which conveys tension and reflects the inherently Japanese aesthetic "ma"-meaning, the spaces between things-to accentuate details such as the deliberate intervals between highlights.

Step inside, take it for a ride and one will discover that, while it may indeed be the more beloved offspring, it's not the spoiled brat that you will have a hard time dealing with. You would have guessed that looking at the aerodynamic design and lightweight frame.
Within its shiny doors, it's intimate but not cramped, with a sliding center armrest between front seats to allow drivers to rest their elbows for comfort and easier gear shifting. One will feel at ease, too, with its customizable steering wheel angle and audio individual climate control, both giving way to a better, steady driving position. -Alex Paita

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