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Mazda 6: Luxury at hand

<p>Because you have arrived</p>
| Oct 9, 2009
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The Mercedes C-Class and the BMW 3-series are the kind of ride that announces to world that yes, you have arrived. Unfortunately, these gorgeous German cars may be a couple of millions too much for many young executives who have arrived to acquire. Thank God the Mazda 6 is here. Like the Honda Accord and the super popular Toyota Camry, this luxury car from the land of the rising sun is a swinging choice!

Of the three—Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and Mazda 6—the Mazda 6 has the sportiest looks. Reckon it looks like a well-chiseled athlete ready to go zoom-zoom all over the highway. With low-profile 215/50 17-inch tires, an aggressive stance, a lithe-looking body and leaf-shaped headlights, the Mazda 6 looks like it can slice through traffic with speed and precision. The Mazda 6 is cool—brazen even—but never unsophisticated.

Its engine is a well-refined beast: 2.5 liter, twin-cam, in-line-four engine produces about 168 horsepower and 226Nm of torque. Off the bat, it's an obvious step up from its previous 2.3 liter engine. The car’s automatic five-speed transmission gives you a lot of control through its Sports mode. Drivers can easily unleash the car’s maximum potential horsepower as they please, as well as reach the redline marks. Downshifting and up-shifting is unbelievably smooth too, and never hitches.

Indoors, the car’s interior reflects the personality of a true executive’s car. It has a spacy cabin courtesy of a dashboard that curves away from the passengers, amazing comfort, and intuitive controls. The seats provide great lumbar support while the gear shift lever and the steering wheel angle can all be adjusted for the best driving position. Safety isn’t compromised with its adaptive front lighting system (AFS) with Bi-Xenon headlamps, dynamic stability control, antilock brake system and brake assist. Mazda Advanced Impact Distribution and Absorption System technology has also been improved in the Mazda 6 to make sure the pressure is diverted to the right places in the event of a crash.

All in all, Mazda’s Zoom-Zoom philosophy is supremely evident in Mazda 6; it’s like you’re driving a sports car that’s also cut out to carry passengers in comfort and luxury.

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