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Mitsubishi Fuzion

Shoot a triple!<br />
| Feb 26, 2008
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There could have been a problem, though, if Mitsu had stuck with its old name—their marketers would have had to contend with annoying comparisons with chicken burgers. See, in Taiwan where these MPVs were first sold two years ago, it was called the Zinger. Obviously, using the name here would have been a sure disaster—would you feel proud driving a Zinger?
Faced with this potential hazard, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines decided for a more dignified name and opted for “Fuzion,” their logic being that performance-wise this utilitarian transport merged the sporty demeanor and rugged temperament of an SUV, the space of a van, and the spoiled comfort of riding a car. Our work, then, had been cut out for us as we were given the keys to an entry level GLX version to test drive for five days: See for ourselves if the three-in-one formula does work. - Allan Hernandez

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