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Mitsubishi Montero Sport

<p>Another macho car for the macho you</p>
| Nov 5, 2009
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A couple weeks ago we featured the Toyota Land Cruiser—a mammoth of a vehicle that has tremendous presence on the road. Know what else is tremendous about it? Its price tag. [firstpara] So for those who want an SUV that will still make most other cars and drivers feel like ants without having to break the bank, the Mistubishi Montero Sport is a top choice.

Unlike the Toyota Fortuner, the Mitsubishi Montero isn’t as ubiquitous. The Fortuner is a beautiful SUV without a doubt, and during its peak, you’d have to get in line to get one. The Montero Sport was never that popular—at least not yet—but watch how it turns heads. The Montero Sport is macho, taking the best design cues from its bigger sibling the Pajero and the Strada. Its strong profile is really a big reason why it’s being snatched up by eager buyers relatively quick these days.

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With its independent double wishbone suspension in the front and rigid axle coil springs in the rear, the Mitsubishi Montero is ready to handle Manila’s less-than-ideal (read: ugly) road conditions. But unlike the Strada pickup, the Montero gives passengers a comfortable, if not luxurious ride. For the most part, it is able to mask the fact that perfect roads in Manila are as common as a well-mannered bus drivers on EDSA.

The Montero’s interior isn’t nothing to write home about. In fact, it might be downright a plain Jane especially when compared to other SUVs of the same class. From the dashboard to the seats, the Montero speaks of the philosophy of simple practicality. Likewise, the Montero’s 163-horsepower engine won’t wow you like a lion’s roar, but it does produce enough juice for a quick ride through the metro. It’s not the best choice though for a furious uphill climb. It’s not underpowered; the experience is just underwhelming at times.

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But really with its macho looks, we’d still want to own one of these.


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