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20 Bone-Crushing Monster Truck GIFs To Warm You Up For Monster Jam Manila

The closest thing we have to a real-life <em>Mad Max</em>!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 2, 2015
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You could go on a lengthy discourse about the intricacies of recent summer blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road all you want. In the end though, all arguments end up somewhere along these lines: “Yes, the exploding cars and leaping trucks gave me a raging hard-on.”

We present Evidence A:

But what if we told you that later this month, we’ll have the chance to experience the visceral appeal of huge cars going bonkers in real life? Later this month—June 20 and 21 to be specific—a fleet of monster trucks will be roaring their way to the SM Mall Of Asia Arena, courtesy of the world’s premier monster truck rally organizers, Monster Jam.

On those dates, Monster Jam will transform MOA Arena into a dusty, earthen pit filled with big-ass dirt ramps and old, rusted out cars for the monster trucks to pound on. And if you’re a dude, we have little reason to explain further why that is awesome—much like the aforementioned conversation regarding Fury Road.

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Monster Jam is, simply put, Fury Road coming to life. And while Mad Max won’t be one of the participants, the organizers more than make up for that by bringing six of their most wicked monster trucks—each of which have names that could fit right in the post-apocalyptic extravaganza. We introduce you to these motorized beasts below, along with their high-jumping exploits.


Bio: Has mystical green flames on the sides, and white flames on the hood. Has four Monster Jam World Finals championships under its belt.

To be driven by: Jon Zimmer, a native of Arlington, Texas who has been competing since 2005

The highlight reel:

In spite of its name, the Grave Digger knows how to get some impressive air time.

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Bio: A winner of a total of 11 World Finals championships. It's best known for having completed Monster Jam's first double backflip, performed in the encore portion of the Monster Jam World Finals 14 in 2013. 

To be driven by: Neil Elliot, winner of the Big Air award in 2012 and Freestyle of the Year and Wheelie of the Year in 2013

Highlight reel:

Monster Jam rallies have dump trucks that dump far cooler objects than trash.

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Here's a GIF of the epic double backflip. The vehicle started twisting sideways near the end of the jump, but was able to bounce into a perfect landing anyways.

No shortage of metal mayhem here:

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Bio: Debuted in 2013, but has since amassed fans thanks to its undead-inspired appearance.

To be driven by: Bari Musawwir, who debuted in 2010, and won the first ever Young Guns Shootout championship in 2012

Highlight reel:

Driver-truck synergy is of prime importance in Monster Jam events.


For something inspired by reanimated corpses, it sure is pretty lively and athletic.

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It's so athletic that it's even capable of quick headstands!


Bio: Has turned oriental with two green fins on its back end that slice through the air, spikes jutting out of its green exterior, and long horns atop its skull

To be driven by: Scott Liddycoat, who drove hydroplanes for 22 years before switching to these land-based monsters

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Highlight reel:

The Dragon lives up to its name quite easily with its breathtaking leaps and on-track agility.

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Bio: Introduced in the '80s, the original Grave Digger made a name for itself as an all-out performer. Today, it's the poster boy for Monster Jam, and is traditionally the last truck to perform in the grand finales of any Monster Jam event. The Son-Uva was introduced in 2011, and since then this purple beast has carved out wins for itself in various competitions.

To be driven by: Ryan Anderson, the son of Grave Digger's creator, Dennis Anderson

Highlight reel:

Like father, like son, the Son-Uva Digger is a high leaper.

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And breakdancer?


Bio: Has massive horns that are hard to miss, and a vibrant orange body that's said to represent its beastly rage on the track

To be driven by: Cynthia Gauthier, the only female driver in the game. She has an Accounting degree but opts to drive dirt-bikes and monster trucks instead

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Highlight reel:

No wheels are safe with El Toro Loco around.

Wheels or no wheels though, this lady is going to keep on truckin'. The gal has more heart than some dudes out there! #Puso

Tickets to Monster Jam Manila are available at any SM Tickets outlet. You can also call SM Tickets (02) 470-2222 or visit For more information about the show, visit

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