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20 Jaw-Dropping Photos From The First-Ever Monster Jam PH

Flying trucks and daring dirt bikes highlight Monster Jam's first show in Manila!
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jun 24, 2015
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The dust has finally settled for the first-ever Monster Jam event here in the Philippines, and we still haven't gotten over the deafening roar of engines and heart-stopping vehicular hang time.

We think it's safe to say that the world's largest monster truck tour didn't fail to give its audience their money's worth, and that everyone, old and young alike, came home a delighted fan. Everyone inside the MOA Arena those two days of monster truck awesomeness held their collective breaths as the four-wheeled behemoths of destruction sprang and flipped into the air. Some of 'em monster trucks also managed to dive their way straight at the hearts of those in attendance. Emotions aside, the show was really all about eye-popping stunts and unadulterated metal carnage!

FHM was there during the first day and what we witnessed made us line back at the ticket booth for Day 2. But enough praise about what could very well be the most rousing local motorsport event of the year. We had a far nobler reason for going: to report back to those weren't able to drop by the amazing things that transpired. The photos below aim to do exactly that! Enjoy!

First, allow us to set the mood. Click play on our Instagram post below for a taste of the beautiful noise that filled the MOA Arena those two days:

The monster truck parade at the outset was definitely a sight to behold. The six participants—Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction (also known as Max D), El Toro Loco, Zombie, Son-uva Digger, and Dragon—coursing through the truckload of dirt-dumped Mall Of Asia Arena was the perfect intro.

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First off was the wheelie competition, which saw the majestic Dragon, reined by Scott Liddycoat, trashing its wings and soaring into the arena ceiling.

Just look at the stress at those humongous tires...

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In the end, the metal juggernaut Max D (Neil Elliott) came out on top after landing a majestic wheelie.

Part of the side events was the equally exciting ATV racing, which had the quad bikes furiously dashing through the dirt track.

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Next up was the monster truck racing, which pitted the titanic trucks against each other in a series of knockout rounds. The final round saw the next-generation Grave Digger, the Son-uva Diggerdriven by Ryan Anderson, son of Grave Digger's maker Dennis Andersonagainst the Bari Musawwir-piloted undying off-road horror, Zombie:

If that combination of ginormity and distortion ain't fearsome for you, we don't know what else is. The Speeding Dead won this round.

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What followed was probably the most exhilarating part of the program, which ironically didn't even involve a single monster truck: The Motocross Exhibition.

Here's how high these two-wheeled daredevils got in the air:

We call this one the "Dang, I Forget My Cellphone At Home!"

This is the "Ow! Something Bit Me!"

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Why you can't go 520kph on the freeway.

Feeling a little bit like R. Kelly.

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The "When A Hot Chick Passes By"

And then THIS happened. The sick backflip whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

Finally, the monster trucks returned for the freestyle competition, wherein we were finally given what we really came for: a load of nasty car-crushing and squishing. No one expressed even a tad of sympathy for those poor cars.

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It was also time for the drivers to pull out all the stops. Here's a glorious show of power from Dragon after a powerful sequence of destruction:

Son-uva Digger just doing some Son-uva digging

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El Toro Loco
, driven by the sole female driver in the Manila show, Cynthia Gauthier, does a little dusting.

In the end, the iconic four-time world champion Grave Digger (Jon Zimmer) was, once again, crowned freestyle king.

As an announcer once said of an airborne Michael Jordan, "Look at the air! Look at the hang time! Look at the flying motion!" A fitting end to the trailblazing monster truck spectacle in the country. Till next year!

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Photography Mark Jesalva

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