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Bikers Beware: 10 Steps To Keep Kawatans Away From Your Motorcyle

Motorcycle theft is a rampant crime. Here's why you're an easy target...
by Cia Juan | Jun 10, 2014
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FACT: Almost 2,000 cases of motorcycle theft have been recorded by the Philippine National Police in only four months (January to April) this year. And if the numbers stay the same or—gasp!—get worse, we'll easily triple last year's figure (3,901)!

You can blame the security guards, the barangay tanods, the addict you paid P20 to watch your bike, the government, those friggin’ thieves, but first, you might wanna check your lame security measures. If the following list describes you, our fellow biker, you’re sooo not safe.  

You got two choices, men: Keep your same old flimsy habits and hope for the best, or make things right. Here’s how you can do the latter...

1) You love large parking spaces

If there’s a spacious parking, your first instinct is to park there. Not so fast! Large parking spaces are the favorite of thieves, since it’s usually impossible for its security guards to keep an eye on every vehicle. In fact, in the US, most motorcycle thefts are done in the parking spaces of malls and shops. 

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If you need to park, choose a well-lit place that's visible to many people. If there's none, then don't leave your bike. 

Bring it everywhere... well, not THIS everywhere

2) You park between cars

You may be an expert at squeezing your ride between cars, but don’t do this when parking. It only provides the perfect cover for thieves to execute their plan.    

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3) You like to flaunt it

You sure are proud of your bike. You like displaying your “baby” in your garage for passers-by to see. But if you don’t wanna lose your pride and joy, sorry but you have to hide it!

It’s not enough that it’s safe and sound in your garage. Cover it! And don’t use the branded Harley-Davidson cover, otherwise, what’s the point? If you don't have a garage, then be resourceful. 

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See no bike, steal no bike

4) You’re not techie enough

In case you’ve been living under a rock, there are easy-to-install, anti-theft inventions called alarms, GPS (particularly the kind that can track your bike through your mobile phone), and kill switches (which can shut down your bike in emergency situations). Ask the hardware guys.

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But if you're on a tight budget, you can always customize to make your bike sound louder and more unique, so you'll instantly recognize it when it's running. For example:

5) You’re not creative

Okay, you may not able to afford a GPS or a quality alarm, but you can bluff ‘em! Put an “alarm on” sticker on your bike or install a dummy CCTV in your garage (those cutesy cams from CD-R King will do). You want thieves to pass over your bike and go for easier targets.    

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