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Nissan 370Z

<p>The latest Nissan car gets personified with its foxiness</p>
| Jan 21, 2010
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Women may never understand this, but beautiful vehicles are the force that drives men. That's because we have almost the same criterion for cars and girls. [firstpara]
Sexy curves, for instance, largely apply to both. We look at hot cars the same way we look for hot women. We get mad at the lucky bastard who managed to snag a Ferrari just like we are mad at Ryan Reynolds for capturing Scarlet Johansson’s heart.

So when we say that the Nissan 370Z is the Salma Hayek of all cars, we really mean the equivalent of her hotness. The curves are, according to our expert friends at Topgear, exaggerated in the right places and tighter in length.

It is also lighter than its previous incarnation, the Nissan 350Z, by almost 100 pounds. The smaller exterior dimensions and the use of more lightweight materials contributed to the weight loss. Talk about being sexier!

This beauty is the sixth-generation of the Nissan Z-Car line, and boy did it evolve. The 370Z features a front aluminum subframe, aluminum-alloy engine cradle, aluminum door panels, an all-aluminum hood, and an aluminum hatch.

It features the SynchroRev Match, known as the world’s first synchronized downshift rev-matching system that comes on a 7-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters or a 6-speed manual transmission.

It now uses carbon fiber composite radiator housing and has strengthened its rear fender and hatch areas. It's body structure has been refined with an underbody V-bar, which should help reduce rear lateral bending.

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This results in a 30% improvement in the front body torsion rigidity. Other reinforcements include the new front suspension cradle to reduce front lateral bending.

Featured in two body styles, the 370Z and the Nismo 370Z, Nissan’s latest beauty leaves male and female car enthusiasts jaw-dropped, pretty similar to what Salma Hayek will make us do if she walks in front of us in all of her naked glory.

We could give you more details about the foxy vehicle, but we will let our friends at Topgear do that for you. We here at FHM, however, are somewhat experts in analyzing women. So we'll leave the cars to them, and they could leave the babes to us.


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